Coors Light Chill Throne will make you tailgate envious

Coors Light Chill Throne for football season, photo provided by Coors Light
Coors Light Chill Throne for football season, photo provided by Coors Light /

As everyone appreciates, the tailgate is just as important as watching the game. The Coors Light Chill Throne will make one person the king of the tailgate and that food and beverage crown is most definitely deserved.

For many football fans, the tailgate is more than just the pre-game food and beverage feast. It is often a time to show off that superior spread. From The Grove at Ole Miss to the Swamp at University of Florida, football fans want to have everyone talking about their tailgating skills.

New for the upcoming football season, the Coors Light Chill Throne is all about being the best of the best. Even if others might not bow down and say “we’re not worthy,” the reality is that this epic seat deserves all eyes on its rightful inhabitant.

Speaking to the new offering, Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors family of brands, said, “While our fans are focused on cheering for their team, we’re focusing on how to make their game day experience as chill as possible. We want fans to have the best seat in the house and ensure a cold Coors Light is never out of arm’s reach.”

The Coors Light Chill Throne will put any old bag chair to shame. It has a chilled cup holder to ensure that Rocky Mountain beer is at a perfect 36 degrees, a Coors Light Can Taphandle that creates a draft beer on demand, a back massager, bluetooth speakers, footrest, flag holder and a 360-degree turning radius.

The ultimate football seat goes on sale via, September 2 at 11 a.m. CT. It retails for $750. There are only eight thrones available. In addition, there will be a sweepstakes giveaway.

While this special promotion is quite entertaining, it does bring up a bigger point. Tailgating is no longer a simplistic affair. Even though brats and burgers can be tasty, it is about turning the pre-game moment into the total experience. Food must be on point. Décor needs to catch the eye. Standing out in the crowd is a priority.

Even though only a few, luckily people will get these special thrones, it will be interesting to see where they appear in the football world. It might be a hefty haul to the stadium parking lot, but the reaction from everyone is worth the effort.

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