The Home Edit and Naked Juice bring the Rainbow Method to back to school food choices, interview

Naked Juice and The Home Edit tackle back to school with the Rainbow Method, photo provided by Naked Juice
Naked Juice and The Home Edit tackle back to school with the Rainbow Method, photo provided by Naked Juice /

Whether the first school bell has rung or the countdown to class has just begun, The Home Edit can help cut the back to school chaos. While their colorful Rainbow Method is a feast for the eyes, the concept is not just limited to organizational simplicity. Sipping on a rainbow of Naked Juice beverages can be the balanced food method to keep everyone energized all day long.

Staying organized does not have to be an overwhelming concept. Little choices can and do make a big difference.

Over the years, many people have turned to The Home Edit to be that guide to better organization. While their transformations can be dramatic, a few simple tips from their methodology can be applied by anyone.

In some ways, it comes down to a choice. Similar to how people can choose to follow balanced eating food options, the concepts do not have to tilt the scales to the extreme. Even that bottle of Naked Juice with lunch can be one more positive added to the day.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with The Home Edit about some back to school advice, their Rainbow Method, and their favorite Naked Juice flavors.

Cristine Struble/FoodSided: Back to school can be a stressful time for families as fun/playtime is replaced by schedules and to-do lists. Have you adopted a routine that has worked as your families transition back to school?

The Home Edit: To no one’s surprise, we like to be able to see what’s going on at a glance, and with that, we abide by our calendars – what they say goes! We put our kid’s activities, work meetings, travel, lunches (even with each other). Everything goes on the calendar.

CS: You’ve used the Rainbow Method since it is an engaging way to get everyone involved with the organizational process. What are some of your tips to make the fridge and/or pantry a colorful oasis?

THE: Clear bins, colorful produce, and beverages – like the assortment of Naked Juices! Not only will your fridge look beautiful, but you’ll also be more inclined to take a nutritious snack or drink rather than an alternative. For example, if you can access the grapes easily in a produce bin, you’re much more likely to eat them than if they are in a plastic bag, that zips, and is likely leaking.

CS: Finding ways to offer families easy food options with balanced nutrition is key. What are some quick, manageable ways to get the kids (and adults) to put fruit-forward options in their hand?

THE: Putting the most nutritious items in the most valuable real estate in any space is key. In a pantry, it’s the middle shelf where your kids can easily grab a snack, or in the fridge having the fruit or vegetable zone at their level so it’s easier to pick the healthy snack.

CS: Sometimes a disorganized house is more than just chaos in the moment. How do you encourage people to take small steps to add some order to the disorganization?

THE: Decide if something is a “you” problem or a “them” problem. If your kids can’t put their shoes neatly in a cubby that may be a “you” problem. Instead, meet them at their level and try a concealed storage basket. And if you STILL find shoes not in the basket, it’s a them problem.

CS: One of your organizational tips is being able to “see” the stuff. Why is it important to be able to see the vibrant juice’s color? Do you think that it can entice you to choose Naked Juice over another sugary beverage?

THE: We are very biased to being able to SEE what you have, so being able to see the actual color of the Naked juice helps our kids pick the flavor they like! For example, right now, Sutton’s favorite color is blue so he always grabs for a Blue Machine.

CS: With the school year quickly approaching, what are some manageable concepts that can get the kids involved with packing school lunches and/or school breakfasts so that no one is running around as the school bus arrives?

THE: Make the system work for their needs so THEY can do the heavy lifting for packing their lunch. This involves putting items where they can easily access, or even adding a stepping stool if a zone may be out of their reach. Also, if your kids are more likely to pick a bag of pre-packaged snacks over pouring something out of a canister, great! It’s all about practicality and encouraging independence.

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