Bowlero adds Pardon My Cheesesteak menu and it scores a 300 with guests

Bowlero adds Pardon My Cheesesteak to the menu, photo provided by Bowlero
Bowlero adds Pardon My Cheesesteak to the menu, photo provided by Bowlero /

Whether people know the bowling lingo or just want to have fun with friends, Bowlero draws people to its family entertainment centers for play and food. With the addition of the Pardon My Cheesesteak menu, the food enhancement calls to the Barstool community to come play a frame.

When people want a night out, the opportunity to combine food with play is often a popular choice. Whether it is the heated banter that sparks the appetite or the ability to make the event last longer, the balance between fun and eating brings people together.

As a leader in bowling entertainment, Bowlero welcomes more than 30 million guests each year. Although some people head to the lanes hoping to hit that perfect 300 game, others cheer for a non-gutter ball in the final frame. No matter the scenario, the locations celebrate the excitement of food and play.

In an effort to expand their menu, Bowlero added Pardon My Cheesesteak to its dining options. For those unfamiliar, Pardon My Cheesesteak is a collaboration between Barstool Sports and its podcast, Pardon My Take, and Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC.) VDC is known for its other food offerings, including MrBeast Burgers, Mariah’s Cookies, Torta’s Lopez, and many more.

Speaking to the menu addition, Jeff Gliner, Chief Operating Officer of Bowlero Corp. said, “Introducing Pardon My Cheesesteak to select Bowlero locations signifies more than a menu enhancement; it represents a strategic initiative to captivate a new audience with a product that resonates with the Barstool community. We look forward to bringing this product into our centers, furthering our ongoing partnership with Barstool, and elevating our commitment to delivering a world-class experience to our guests.”

New Bowlero Pardon My Cheesesteak menu food offering
Bowlero partners with Pardon My Cheesesteak on a new food offering, photo provided by Bowlero /

As Dan “Big Cat” Katz expressed, “Bowlero is one of my favorite places in the world. Now they’re going to be serving the best food in the world. What a winning combo, it’s a perfect strike!”

Although everyone will have to determine their favorite way to enjoy the menu item for themselves, the Pardon My Cheesesteak food leans into the ingredients and flavors that people want. From the thinly sliced steak to the combination of melted provolone and cheddar cheese sauce, these sandwiches are definitely hearty. While the griddled onions add a touch of texture and sweetness, the fresh, toasted hoagie roll brings all the flavors together.

By partnering with Pardon My Cheesesteak, Bowlero gains entry into another audience segment. Given that Barstool fans are legendarily loyal, many people could make a reservation because of that connection. Some guests’ banter might not be as witty or insightful as the podcast quips, but people crave connections. Just like a restaurant recommendation bears more weight when coming from a friend, this stamp of approval should be a big win for the bowling entertainment center.

The Pardon My Cheesesteak menu will be featured at 140 Bowlero centers across the country through the end of the year. A suggested menu price is $13.99 but it may vary depending on location.

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