Halloween Horror Nights 32 menus put an emphasis on this new concept

Halloween Horror Nights 32 menus, photo by Cristine Struble
Halloween Horror Nights 32 menus, photo by Cristine Struble /

While the frights might have people jumping and screaming as they round every corner, the Halloween Horror Nights 32 menus have a curious aspect that guests might not have realized. Whether Dr. Oddfellow influenced these thematic food choices or the Universal Orlando chefs dug deep into the recipe book, the reality is that satisfying that hunger in an easy, manageable way seems to be a priority.

As many people appreciate, the annual Halloween Horror Nights is a total experience. Beyond the original haunted houses and pop culture references, the food and beverages ensure that guests enjoy the event from dusk to late into the evening. Without those stops to refuel all night long, the event would not be quite as enjoyable.

Looking at the Halloween Horror Nights 32 menus, the food options cover both sweet and savory. While people will always want that plate of pizza fries, the new offerings lean into a concept that is important in the food world, an engaging visual.

Several of the new options, like the Left Behind Ravioli, leaned into the serving vessel while still delivering on big flavor. When several guests were asked on opening night, The Last of Us inspired dish was a big hit. Given that ravioli might not necessarily be the easiest item to enjoy while standing, the visually creative can made the dish portable and a fun photo op.

The idea of portability was seen in many choices. Walking tacos are another great example. Since Halloween Horror Nights is about walking and standing with friends, these types of self-contained dishes show that the Universal Orlando chefs have to contemplate the how of eating just as much as the flavors. Although no one is necessarily eating while in line, tables are not in abundance. If the food isn’t easy to eat, people are not going to be happy.

In some of the dishes, the “odd,” in reference to Dr. Oddfellow, was a bit more playful than sinister. The Carn”EVIL” dog might look like something that MasterChef Junior or Kids Baking Championship would make with its vibrant colors. Even though the flavor combinations might not seem likely, the hot dog is not too far off kilter. If someone is looking to take a dare, but does not want to lose that bet, this dish sounds scarier than what it is.

Overall, the majority of the dishes employ playful references to some of the houses or classic seasonal flavors. Surfer Boy Pizza, Chucky, and even pumpkin inspired treats can appeal to the pickiest of palates. Nothing is too far extreme. Even the spice levels do not stray too far from the path.

And, for those guests who feel they deserve a sweet ending to their evening, there are plenty of dessert options. Just a few bites can satisfy that sugary craving.

Overall, the Halloween Horror Nights 32 menus are enjoyable and add to the overall experience. Although there might be some rules about eating, running, and being scared, there appears to be some type of spell that makes these food options too tempting to pass over.

Halloween Horror Nights 32 at Universal Orlando Resort runs now through November 4. Tickets and more information can be found online.

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