HHN 32 dessert menu balances the sweet and the sinister

HHN 32 dessert menu features a Trick or Treat Bucket, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort
HHN 32 dessert menu features a Trick or Treat Bucket, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort /

As anticipation grows the Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, the HHN 32 dessert menu takes familiar, seasonal flavors and gives them an unexpected twist. Although some people might prefer to fill their trick or treat bags with copious amounts of candy, these sweet, sinister desserts leave a more lasting impression.

While Halloween might tap into people’s deep, dark fears, the reality is that the seasonal event allows theme parks to push their culinary creativity. From connections to the haunted house characters to a nod to childhood nostalgia, dessert might take priority over the main course.

From the special Taste of Terror preview event to the upcoming multi-month Halloween Horror Nights 32 event, the food is more than just the backdrop to the screams and thrills. Whether it is helping that parched throat or the pounding heartbeat find its calm, a few sweet treats can revitalize guests for another round of frights.

As more details emerge regarding all the upcoming food and beverage options, the HHN 32 dessert menu brings both familiar flavors with a few unexpected twists. While many of the offerings are rooted in the characters and haunted house themes, it is the thoughtfulness that the culinary team puts into blending the flavors with the visual that has people craving another bite.

HHN 32 dessert menu
HHN 32 dessert menu features a Trick or Treat Bucket, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort /

For example, the Trick or Treat Bucket might seem like a nod to a traditional crème brulee, but the combination of textures makes this dessert a moment to savor. From the caramel popcorn to the Reese’s Pieces, all the flavors could make the eater actually like that hidden piece of candy corn.

The more adventurous eater might prefer to pick a dessert with a peculiar name. The Rotting Pumpkin would never be left decaying on the plate. Even this pumpkin looks that it might have spent a little time in that Stranger Things pumpkin patch, the flavor is warm and comforting. The pumpkin spices speed the recover after all the spine-chilling experiences.

HHN 32 Dessert menu Bloody Snowball
HHN 32 Dessert menu Bloody Snowball, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

Other offerings on the menu include pumpkin dulce de leche cream puffs, mummy themed cheesecake pops, Bloody Snowball, Sour Apple Funnel Fries, and Dia De Los Muertos vegan churros. Although this snowball dessert might not be wrapped in plastic, it does have a nod to that nostalgic store-bought variety. And, given that Dr. Oddfellow is always welcoming new members to his circus, it is nice to see a flavorful vegan dessert offering front and center.

The HHN 32 dessert menu will be featured through the Halloween Horror Nights event. Other food items and cocktails, including the new Peacock’s Halloween Horror Bar, will be available during the seasonal event. Check with each location for pricing and availability.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort runs from September 1 through November 4 on select nights. Tickets and more information can be found online.

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