New ALDI pizza finds are a terrific way to celebration National Pizza Month

ALDI pizza finds include Beet Crust pizza, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI pizza finds include Beet Crust pizza, photo provided by ALDI /

While Mama Cozzi pizza is always a fan favorite, the new ALDI pizza finds for September are the flavorful celebration for National Pizza Month. Bold flavors, innovative toppings, and many more food options are waiting to be tossed into the cart.

Up and down every aisle, the ALDI Finds tempt shoppers to fill the cart to the brim. Even if food budgets are tight, the value found across all the store’s offerings helps people save. From fan favorite offerings to new seasonal treats, the weekly shopping trip satisfies.

September is National Pizza Month. While there will be many food brands launching new products, special deals, and a variety of other offerings, ALDI is giving people what they want, great food at great prices. It is one of the reasons why Mama Cozzi is always on the shopping list.

Listed in the ALDI September food finds, there are seven special pizza related items on the list. New and returning items will have everyone planning pizza for dinner more than once a week.

For the week of September 6, there are two options, Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen White Pizza and Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Mini Pepperoni Pizza Cones. While the thin crust White Pizza might be a way that people get a little more spinach on the plate, it is the Mini Pepperoni Pizza Cones that have people running to buy two boxes. From the fun shape to the ease of eating, it will become a popular choice with everyone. Plus, this pizza option would be perfect for the tailgate.

ALDI pizza finds include Beet Crust pizza
ALDI pizza finds include Beet Crust pizza, photo provided by ALDI /

In the second week, September 13, ALDI pizza finds push the flavor envelope. The Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Pumpkin or Beet Crust Pizza is not only seasonable but also vegetable forward. The color might be vibrant, but the flavor is approachable. Plus, the cheese makes it an easy sell for the picker eater.

Second, Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Sweet and Spicy Korean Pork Deli Pizza is a bold choice for the brand. While the term fusion food might be a little confusing, this offering showcases that anything can be a pizza topping. Thinking outside of the traditional slice can be quite satisfying.

Rounding out the ALDI pizza finds are Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Chicken Alfredo Pizza, and Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Cajun Deli Flatbread. These items sound like the Friday night favorite option or football watching fare. For anyone who wants to set a pizza extravaganza spread, these flavors should be front and center.

These ALDI pizza finds and a multitude of other food offerings will be featured throughout September. Check with stores for each week’s sales.

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