Old El Paso and the Watt brothers serve many flavorful “Pasobilities”

Old El Paso and the Watt brothers share favorite taco recipes, photo provided by Old El Paso
Old El Paso and the Watt brothers share favorite taco recipes, photo provided by Old El Paso /

While the Watt brothers might have a competitive streak beyond the gridiron, their partnership with Old El Paso has them ready to share favorite food recipes and drive home many winning “Pasobilities.” Given that the popular food brand celebrates versatility on the table, everyone can become their own Taco Boy and savor the satisfying football spread.

Whether tacos are on the weekly dinner menu, a tailgate favorite food, or a taco bar that allows the ultimate customization, the reality is that everyone seems to love a great taco. As Old El Paso’s tagline implies, “So. Many. Pasobilities,” the almost unlimited flavor combinations ensures that boring and bland never hit the table. From sauces and seasonings to kits, that family dinner satisfies everyone.

Ahead of the football season, Old El Paso partnered with the Watt brothers to showcase some taco versatility. While the special Taco Boy commercial might be a creative take on a favorite football movie, the reality is that a great taco dinner can be full of good times no matter who is at the head of the table.

As J.J. Watt, three-time AP Defensive Player of the Year, shared, “My brothers and I have been eating Old El Paso products at the dinner table since we were kids, so we’re very excited to now have the opportunity to officially join the Old El Paso team. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Tex-Mex, tacos, seasonings and sauces? We certainly do and we can’t wait to share some of our creations with football fans everywhere throughout the season.”

Watt brothers share favorite Old El Paso taco recipes
Watt brothers share favorite Old El Paso taco recipes, photo provided by Old El Paso /

Ready to make the Watt Brothers Old El Paso taco recipes?

While Old El Paso will be hosting a pop-up on September 10 at Carnegie Science Center near the Pittsburgh stadium, everyone can get a taste of the Watt brothers favorite food choices. Whether these recipes will be a good luck charm for the football season or part of the weekly taco menu remains to be seen.

Still, they are a reminder that tacos often reflect personal preferences. Even within a family, people do not necessarily have to agree on how they fill that taco.

Here are the Watt brothers Old El Paso recipes:

  • The Derek: A classic soft shell flour tortilla with beef or chicken, salsa and cheese.
  • The J.J.: A Stand-N-Stuff hard shell with rice, refried beans, beef, shredded cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream.
  • The T.J.: Kick up the flavor with the new Old El Paso Stacked Kit featuring hard and soft shells stacked by a layer of refried beans, beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, spicy jalapenos and taco sauce.

Looking at the three preferences, T.J. gets the prize for the biggest, boldest offering. From the spicy flavors to the double layer, it is the hearty bite that will keep that hunger at bay till the end of the game. For anyone who hasn’t tried the Old El Paso Stacked Kit, it might be time to appreciate the deliciousness of the contrasting textures.

Ready to upgrade that taco night with Old El Paso? Maybe it is time to crown the top family recipe as the ultimate taco winner.

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