Little Caesars 4-Quarter Calzony is the ultimate game day meal

Little Caesars adds 4-Quarter Calzony for football season, photo provided by Little Caesars
Little Caesars adds 4-Quarter Calzony for football season, photo provided by Little Caesars /

The Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL kicks off the season with the ultimate game day meal. The Little Caesars 4-Quarter Calzony brings all the meats, and everyone will be able to pick a favorite. Ready to place that order?

Pizza and football are always a winning combination. While some people might have a lucky food or a traditional dish associated with their favorite team, the reality is that pizza is crowd pleaser. The only downside is that it can be difficult to appease everyone with just a single topping. Otherwise, the host is left with ordering multiple pizzas, which can be expensive and lead to lots of leftovers.

With the Little Caesars 4-Quarter Calzony, each portion has a particular meat, pepperoni, bacon, ham, and Italian sausage. Combining those meats with mozzarella, a touch of buttery spread, and some Crazy Sauce for dipping, it can be both an appetizer and a meal. Now the only issue is deciding who gets which meat. Maybe there will be a spirited game of rock, paper, scissors to get first dibs.

As Greg Hamilton, chief marketing officer atLittle Caesars, said, “The 4-Quarter Calzony ensures everyone at the pregame or watch party has something to eat. You can satisfy cravings with just one product instead of getting four different pizzas. Combined with the calzone crust, this innovative menu item is a victory for any get-together.”

Little Caesars 4-Quarter Calzony
Little Caesars adds 4-Quarter Calzony for football season, photo provided by Little Caesars /

Launching this idea at the start of the NFL season is a smart move for Little Caesars. In addition to the Hot-N-Ready option from 4-8 p.m., the snackability factor makes it a great choice for football watching. It is easy to grab a piece, dip, and enjoy. Given that many people graze throughout a game, having a few 4-Quart Calzony orders at the ready could be the simple way to feed a hungry crowd.

Given its status as the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL, the new menu item plays into a classic football food, pizza but with its own unique spin. There is a playfulness to this offering. Also, the four meats offer variety in a cost-effective way. Why order four different pizzas, when one order for $8.99 takes care of it all. Given that food budgets might be tighter, it is a smart choice.

The new Little Caesars 4-Quarter Calzony is available for online and app order starting on September 4. It joins the 4-8 p.m. Hot-N-Ready line up on September 11. The food offering will be available for a limited time.

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