Pepsi celebrates its musical history by re-releasing iconic commercials

Pepsi brings back iconic music commercials for the VMAs, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi brings back iconic music commercials for the VMAs, photo provided by Pepsi /

As part of its 125th anniversary celebration, Pepsi is going into the vault and re-leasing iconic music commercials to air during the VMAs. While many people appreciate the beverage brand’s connection to Super Bowl halftime performances and those commercials, the reality is that the favorite cola has a long, storied connection to the music industry. Even if these flashback moments might make a few people feel old, it is another chapter of the “Better with Pepsi” celebration.

Food and music are two items that can instantly bring back a memory. Whether it is the aroma of freshly baked cookies that makes people think of grandma’s house or the first few beats of a Madonna song which recalls that first concert, these two items are forever tied to people’s favorite memories.

Over the years, Pepsi has not only been a favorite beverage to enjoy at a concert, but the brand has also supported many musicians in their creative craft. From tour sponsorships to helping aspiring artists, the classic cola is always ready to be the support to helping music dreams come true.

Even though the art of the music video might not be as prevalent as decades ago, the visual and melodic influence on pop culture remains. While that VMA Moon Man might celebrate excellence, it is the impact that often measures its success. The same can be said about commercials.

Pepsi brings back iconic music commercials for the VMAs
Pepsi brings back iconic music commercials for the VMAs, photo provided by Pepsi /

As Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer – Pepsi said, “Over the years, Pepsi has clearly established itself as an innovative brand with a deep heritage of ‘firsts’ in music – from inventing the first-ever marketing jingle, to being the first brand to turn commercials into music videos. So, as we celebratePepsi’s 125th birthday, it is only fitting that we partner with the MTV Video Music Awards to celebrate some of the most iconic Pepsi music videos from our past. We are excited for a new generation to experience these epic commercials with our newly refreshed logo and visual design alongside pop icons like Britney Spears, Madonna, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, and Robert Palmer. From Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer,’ to Britney’s ‘Joy of Cola,’ to Ray’s ‘The Right One Baby,’ there are some absolutely epic and memorable tracks that are sure to have everyone singing along.”

Airing during the 2023 VMAs, several of the iconic commercials will come back to the screen. Given that the Madonna and Brittney Spears commercials have not been seen in 20 to 30 years, the conversation between the people who remember them and those who have never seen them will be interesting. Madonna’s commercial might have been quite controversial for back in the day, but now it might have a whole different appreciation.

While many people will appreciate this sense of nostalgia, it is more than cracking into vault and walking down memory lane. Like an iconic song, a classic stands the test of time. It can get a glow-up on occasion or even a remix. But, if the foundation is not strong, it would have faded quickly.

Pepsi built that foundation over 125 years ago and it is one of the reasons why it is still on the top of its game today. The logo might have evolved and the flavors have variations on the shelf have expanded, but the foundation is the reason why it continues to be part of the conversation.

Be sure to check out all the iconic Pepsi music commercials during the 2023 VMAs airing on September 12.

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