Pepsi and Samy Hawk debut his Becoming a Popstar single

Pepsi Next Pop Star, Samy Hawk photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Next Pop Star, Samy Hawk photo provided by Pepsi /

While he entranced people on TikTok, Samy Hawk was crowned the winner on the Pepsi show, “Becoming a Popstar.” After beating out the other contestants to become the “next pop artist in Pepsi music legacy,” the first step on that journey begins with his new single. Ready to hear what the future of music sounds like?

Music and Pepsi have a storied history. Beyond the annual Super Bowl Halftime Show, the iconic beverage brand has supported artists of all genres.

More importantly, music and the classic cola are a delightful pairing. While many people have learned how food is better with Pepsi, the interconnection of pop culture, food and life always remains.

With “Becoming a Popstar,” the competition showcased a variety of up and coming talents. A diverse group of impressive artists, the show crowned one winner, Samy Hawk. As part of the prize, his new single and video will debut on the VMAs.

As Hawk said, “Working with Pepsi since I won “Becoming a Popstar” and having my new song debut during a Pepsi commercial in the 2022 “VMAs” has been one of the best experiences of my life. Pepsi and MTV are such iconic brands with a long history of working with music legends – getting the opportunity to partner with them both and gain their support throughout the entire creative process feels surreal.”

Although the video has yet to be released, Pepsi shared some details regarding “Wild.” The scene is meant to be a celebration. Set in Miami’s South Beach, the locale celebrates the vibrant hue of the area and the community.

With an infectious beat from Hawk’s blend of rap and beatboxing, everyone will want to move to the music. As impressive choreography catches the eye, and the sounds, visuals, and impression are a celebration of culture.

Be sure to check out the “Wild” music video on the VMAs and then watch it on YouTube. More will be coming from Samy Hawk, winner of Pepsi’s Becoming a Popstar.