Yelp’s Chief Food Photographer will celebrate the most photographic feasts

Yelp’s Chief Food Photographer, photo provided by Yelp
Yelp’s Chief Food Photographer, photo provided by Yelp /

Who hasn’t pulled out their phone to photograph that plate which gets all the oohs and ahhs when it arrives at the table. For the person who is able to capture the colors, textures, and the best of the most amazing meals in a photo, the role as Yelp’s Chief Food Photographer is waiting.

Many people know the phrase, the camera eats first. From the person who fancies themselves a content creator or the person who just has an impeccable eye, an amazing food photograph can make people salivate. Even if the restaurant is far away, that one image sticks in the mind and puts the dining establishment on that must visit bucket list.

For one lucky person, Yelp’s Chief Food Photographer contest is open now While the visual is important, judging criteria includes “love for local restaurants, quality of photography and social media prowess.” The person awarded the position will receive $10,000 and will work for Yelp for a limited time.

While many people will vie for the coveted role, it might be best to practice that food photography before submitting their portfolio. Luckily, Yelp’s Trend Expert Tara Lewis shared some simple tips to turn that blurry image into some much more palatable.

After ensuring that the camera lens is clean, the table isn’t messy, and you’re not blocking everyone in your dining party, the biggest concept to master is the rule of thirds. For those who didn’t realize, the grids on that phone image really do matter. They help to appreciate how to break the visual into pieces. Groups of three can be more appealing to the eye.

In addition, depth, angles, and other perspectives can enhance the image captured. Whether it is a close up of the texture on a sandwich or how the light hits the cocktail on the patio, all of these elements influence the person to stop scrolling and take a longer look.

Think you have what it takes to be Yelp’s Chief Food Photographer? Be sure to apply for the highly coveted position.

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