Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series showcases the distiller’s craftsmanship

Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series Amburana, photo provided by Barrell Craft Spirits
Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series Amburana, photo provided by Barrell Craft Spirits /

While some bourbon drinkers have their preferred brand, others look beyond the label to discover an innovative offering. With the Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series, the distiller showcases its expertise with the use of some unique secondary barrels.

Bourbon trends have evolved over the years. While some brand have put bottles out to sea and others have infused smoke into the finish, casks have become one of the prefer ways to bring more flavor layers to the golden liquor. Although the second or third barrel finishing should never take away from the initial product, that complexity from the extra aging invites a longer moment of discussion.

Recently, Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series kicked off this limited edition offering with two blends, Amburana and A Tale of Two Islands. Although the names sound slightly exotic, the flavors bring a sip of satisfying comfort with a touch of familiarity.

As BCS Founder Joe Beatrice shared, “We’re thrilled to continue our 10-year legacy of developing sought-after award-winning blends that push the boundaries of American whiskey. The intent for this Series is to produce unique blends that showcase the finishing cask, while respecting the underlying bourbon blend.”

With the Amburana, the uniqueness of the wood creates a touch of mystery with this blend. Not often used due to their finicky nature, the wood imparts a robust spice notes. Clove and cinnamon with a little nutmeg can be that roundness in a beverage. But when it is overutilized, it can be oppressive.

Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series Amburana
Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series Amburana, photo provided by Barrell Craft Spirits /

In this blend, the Barrell Bourbon Cask Amburana has two different mashes which allowed the blenders to find that sweet spot. Warm, comforting, and inviting, the bourbon has a touch of intrigue too. With a slightly citrusy, sweet finish, there is an appreciation for drinking this bourbon both neat and with a splash of water. The change in character and flavor almost makes it a different pour.

Even though there is a slightly underlying savory note to this offering, it is quite drinkable. In a way, the liquor evolves during the tasting. After starting in one direction, another path opens. Never confusing, but this bourbon challenges the drinker to pay attention through the entire enjoyment.

The Tale of Two Island brings that Jamaican Rum to the bourbon blend. While there is a smoky, sweetness from the rum, it is the tropical notes of coconut that feels like an island breeze. Even though there is a touch of fruitiness, it does not take away from a creaminess in the sweet notes.

Similar to the Amburana, a splash of water opens the fruit forward flavors. From tropical fruits to even a hint of honeycomb, it becomes more drinkable with that addition.

The Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series is available online and at select retailers. The suggested retail price is $89.99. The series has limited availability.

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