UBAH HOT is the ultimate flavor accessory for any occasion

UBAH HOT by Ubah Hassan, photo provided by UBAH HOT
UBAH HOT by Ubah Hassan, photo provided by UBAH HOT /

While Ubah Hassan has had a long, successful career prior to her joining The Real Housewives of New York City franchise, her vibrant personality has taken center stage on that Bravo show. Although her tagline might be “the secret ingredient, darling, it’s me,” the real secret ingredient in her life is UBAH HOT. For anyone who is ready to embrace the ultimate flavor accessory for any and every occasion.

For the uninitiated, UBAH HOT is more than just another way to avoid bland, boring food on the plate. Although it is labeled a hot sauce, it is more like a flavor enhancer. These bottles are not meant to ignite the palate with unquenchable flames. It is meant to make food taste better.

Drawing from her heritage, UBAH HOT features flavors that are common in Africa. As she told FoodSided, “When I lived in an apartment alone, I missed home. I already had this taste in my head, a taste of home, so I started making it in my kitchen and it was a little taste of comfort for me.”

While that flavor might have made enjoying fish and vegetables more palatable, it is more than just a boost. That connection to her home and heritage is part of the reason why these hot sauces resonate with so many people. When she first started testing the food, friends felt that they were instantly transported home. It was unlike anything else that they could buy currently on the shelf.

Ubah mentioned that many people might be more familiar with other global cuisines, like Mexican recipes because those ingredients tend to be more readily available. With African food and flavors, people are starting to explore those delicacies. From the person who just returned from safari to someone who wants to appreciate another culture, she wanted to start to cultivate that desire for authentic flavors.

Ubah Hot Sauce
UBAH HOT comes in three flavors, photo provided by UBAH HOT /

UBAH HOT is the jewelry of condiments.

With UBAH HOT, she said that the whole purpose of this line is for sauce to “make other ingredients better.” Although her line of this food being “the jewelry of condiments” deserves to be on a t-shirt, the concept is inherently the brand. Just like a stunning outfit is not complete without a statement piece of jewelry, a flavorful dish is not complete without these condiments.

The brand has three flavors, Haberno Hot, Fresno Mild, and Serrano Medium. While each sauce can stand on its own, they can be combined for a more layered flavor experience. Each sauce brings clean, crisp flavors that celebrate the true flavors of the ingredients. From the cilantro and garlic in the Serrano Medium to approachable heat in the Haberno Hot, the fun comes from trying the different sauces on a variety of food choices.

For example, Ubah discussed how these sauces can be used with pasta or even top a slice of pizza. Personally, the Fresno Mild is an amazing choice for ensuring that a simple chicken breast is never boring again.

Even though the condiment shelf is crowded, these options are different. Having spend time in Africa, the connection to Ubah’s homeland can be tasted in each one. For any cook who is looking to get out of a rut, these sauces will do just that.

UBAH HOT can be purchased online. It is sold in sets and individually.

Also, Ubah Hassan is part of The Real Housewives of New York City cast. New episodes air every Sunday night at 9 p.m. and can be streamed the next day on Peacock.

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