Circle K customers can power up with the DC character HeroBadges

Circle K partners with DC Comics on HeroBadges, photo provided by Circle K
Circle K partners with DC Comics on HeroBadges, photo provided by Circle K /

While there is a hero inside of everyone, Circle K customers are ready to power up with their favorite DC superheroes. From the morning coffee run to filling up the tank, collecting one of these exclusive HeroBadges will have fans soaring for the rest of the day.

Many brands look for opportunities to expand their customer base. Whether it is an innovative product or a crossover with a loyal fan base, these special promotions have people excited to make that purchase.

With Circle K, the convenience store company has lured guests with special beverage flavors that are exclusive to the store. Even if that stop was not necessarily on the daily route, the desire to get something unique or different made up for the extra miles driven.

Recently, Circle K partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to release special HeroBadges featuring DC characters. The 24 limited edition, exclusive patches or stickers are available to consumers who spend $10 or more on qualifying fuel purchases and other merchandise. The promotion runs now through October 31, 2023.

Circle K and DC Comics HeroBadges
Circle K partners with DC Comics on HeroBadges, photo provided by Circle K /

Speaking to this special offering, Melissa Lessard, Head of North American Marketing said, “From Superman’s cape to The Joker’s mischievous grin, HeroBadges perfectly capture the essence of beloved DC characters, and we’re thrilled to give Circle K customers a way to collect and show off their favorites on their water bottles, laptops, phones and more. This collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and Circle K allows people of all ages to express their fandom and spread the excitement with friends and family.”

The little badges are cute. Whether it is Wonder Woman or Batman, people will happily add them to their water bottles, bags or maybe even jean jacket. More importantly, it could be a way to share and trade with friends. It is unclear if there will be a highly sought after, special one. Only time will tell if that Superman patch is the most coveted out of the 24 options.

Although this partnership might not seem likely, it is a smart move for the convenience store brand. Getting a little something extra with that tank fill up can make the money spent slightly less jarring. People want to feel value when making a purchase. This HeroBadge is simple idea but one that could get many people to purposefully make a purchase at Circle K.

For more information on the program and the prizes can be won with the HeroBadges can be found online. In addition, stores will feature some DC Comics items for purchase.

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