MTN DEW Pitch Black quenches the first for the darker side of citrus

MTN DEW Pitch Black, photo provided by Cristine Struble
MTN DEW Pitch Black, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

The Dew Nation often balances the love of the beverages on the shelf with a longing for a sip from the vault. As the new year begins, MTN DEW Pitch Black comes out from the darkness. Do not let the name cast doubt on the bright flavors waiting to be enjoyed.

MTN DEW continues to expand both its regular beverage and its Energy line. While the classic citrus flavor will always take prime space on the shelf, evolving the flavors adds excitement. From bringing back an old favorite to a completely new idea, the vibrant offerings seem to quench a thirst unlike other beverage brands.

Set to return to store shelves at the beginning of the year, MTN DEW Pitch Black is described as a Dark Citrus Punch Flavor. While there might not necessarily be a dark citrus growing on trees, the flavor does harken back to the original release in 2004. That grape-like flavor with the citrus is quite enjoyable. Although it is not necessarily peering into the depths of beverage darkness, the slight sweet with the citrus is quite enjoyable.

To be clear, this beverage flavor is different from the Purple Thunder that was a Circle K exclusive offering earlier this year. That flavor is more berry forward and the color is much more purple than dark.

Looking at the other MTN DEW offerings, it seems to fill-out the rainbow of flavors on the shelf. Just looking that most recent offerings over the past couple of years, it has hit every hue. While some people might pick by color, it is the flavor that should be the driving force. Still, it is unique to MTN DEW that there are a bounty of options to pick.

In addition, it is interesting that MTN DEW chose to bring back an older flavor versus a completely new offering. Although the nostalgia trend might be coming to an end, there is something to be said about bringing back the familiar. It has a built-in audience and adds a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation.

For now, the Dew Nation will have to wait till January for that first sip. For those looking for a big boost to the new year, the MTN DEW Pitch Black Energy Drink might be the refreshing kick off to 2023.