MTN DEW Purple Thunder is summer road trip refreshment

MTN Dew Purple Thunder, photo provided by MTN DEW
MTN Dew Purple Thunder, photo provided by MTN DEW /

While the color makes a bold statement, the MTN DEW Purple Thunder flavor is one that will have people racing to get that sip. It looks like the DEW Nation has a new refreshing beverage for that summer road trip.

The DEW Nation craves special beverages and limited-edition offerings. Whether it is a location specific offering, like the Buffalo Wild Wings exclusive beverage or a store specific offering, those beverage fans will make that trip to get their preferred refreshment. It shows the loyalty that the DEW Nation has to the brand.

While nothing will replace the classic MTN DEW or even the always popular Baja Blast, the reality is that flavor innovations keep bubbling up. Whether it is Flamin’ Hot or fruit forward, that classic citrus beverage can easily transform with a variety of flavors.

The new MTN DEW Purple Thunder adds blackberry and plum flavors to the classic citrus. While melon and raspberry have been previous combinations, the plum is the interesting component to this beverage.

Blackberry with its sweet yet a touch tart easily blends into the beverage. It is the juiciness of the plum that stands out. The flavor is there, but it is a little hard to clearly describe. The fruitiness just makes it a more enjoyable drink.

Many people will comment on the bold color. The vibrant purple instantly catches people’s attention. While MTN DEW is no stranger to a rainbow of hues, this one is different. Given the sea of sameness on the beverage shelf, it makes a statement.

In addition, the use of a fun character on the label seems to be a growing trend. After Major Melon and the roaring lion, the character on the motorcycle seems to offer a vibe to the beverage. Whether it is hitting the open road or just ready for another adventure, the MTN DEW Purple Thunder seems to be that summer road trip refreshment.

Given that the new MTN DEW beverage is a Circle K exclusive, it begs the question. Could future exclusive beverages launch at the convenience store? Only time will tell.

Until then, head to Circle K to get a taste of the MTN DEW Purple Thunder. Whether enjoyed in a bottle or fountain beverage, the refreshment is a roaring way to start the summer.