Delimex helps to put Mexican street-style food vendors on the map

Delimex Delimex highlights Mexican street-style food vendors, photo provided by Delimex
Delimex Delimex highlights Mexican street-style food vendors, photo provided by Delimex /

Sometimes the most flavorful dishes are not served on white tablecloths in dimly lit rooms. Delimex puts the spotlight on authentic, delicious food, which just happens to be served from a street vendor. By putting these spots on the map, it celebrates not only the men and women who create the dishes but the tradition of Mexican food and culture.

While many people love discovering that hidden gem in an out of the way corner, that word of mouth scenario can only go so far. Even if a celebrated chef highlights that restaurant behind a liquor store, the reality is that one scenario leaves out the numerous hard working food businesses that are struggling.

Throughout Los Angeles, the various Mexican street-style food vendors put in the hard work daily. With their pop-up restaurants, they bring the recipes that offer authentic flavor. From moles that take days to create to highlighting humble ingredients in creative ways, these men and women could give some highly touted chefs a run for their money.

With their new campaign, Delimex Taquitos from Kraft Heinz is taking the initiative to put Mexican street-style food vendors literally on the map. By getting these curbside restaurants a pin on Google Maps, the hope is that they will get a little more recognition for the special recipes.

As Lauren Nowak, Brand Manager for Delimex at Kraft Heinz said, “We know these authentic, Mexican street-style food stands are beloved by the local community but they certainly can be hard to find, as we found that many are not listed on Google Maps. We felt this was the perfect opportunity for Delimex to not only help bring the vibrant flavors often found in Mexico, where the brand originated, to consumers here in the states… but also shine light on passionate chefs and put them on the map so more people have the opportunity to support and experience their delicious food.”

Check out this Delimex video for the campaign.

While this campaign has a direct impact on the Los Angeles locales, it is a reminder that flavorful food can be found anywhere and everywhere. Street vendors have received coveted stars and food trucks often have long lines. Hype might get the attention, but flavor always wins in the end.

Also, the video does serve some inspiration for those Delimex Taquitos. Each of these cooks found ways to turn the classic dish into something more. Whether it is a sauce, side, or a combination of items, the simple taquito can be transformed on the plate. Looking beyond the box might be the bigger takeaway for everyone across the country.

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