Hormel and Adam Richman serve a big slice of National Pepperoni Pizza Day fun

Hormel and Adam Richman for National Pepperoni Pizza Day, photo provided by Hormel
Hormel and Adam Richman for National Pepperoni Pizza Day, photo provided by Hormel /

Tapping into his substantial food knowledge, Hormel partnered with Adam Richman to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day. The Brooklyn native knows a great pizza slice and more importantly appreciates the storied history of pepperoni. With the launch of Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop, everyone can proclaim their love of the popular pizza topping. Grab a slice, snuggle up with that pizza blanket, and celebrate “The Place That Built Pepperoni.”

Kicking off September 13 and running through September 20, National Pepperoni Pizza Day, the Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop celebrates people’s love of pepperoni. From food fashion to home décor, there is anything and everything that a food lover would want.

As part of the launch, Hormel asked Adam Richman to bring his legendary food knowledge to the celebration. In a new video, the food television host brings his “Food That Built America” vibe to the special event.

While that History Channel show has done many a deep dive into the long and curious history of infamous food brands, there is more to that Hormel pepperoni than this the flavorful topping on that favorite slice. During a recent conversation with Adam Richman, he shared some insight on why people are drawn that pizza topping.

Speaking to why pepperoni is such a popular choice as a pizza topping, Richman said, “From a flavor profile standpoint, it is the perfect contrast is pizza. Generally, you have tangy or sweet from the sauce. The crust generally has no flavor and cheese is a little bit of salt. You need that little bit of sharpness. Why do you think the things that they usually have on the counter at a pizzeria are hot pepper and oregano, right? You know, the old cooking aphorism, if you’re using butter, you need salt. Same thing with spice.”

While the flavor is a large component, it is more than just that one aspect. Richman continued to explain another aspect to pepperoni. He said, “there’s a different mouth feel, especially if you get the pepperoni crispy and you get a different textural thing and visual. There’s that beautiful contrast and I don’t think there is a single, more iconic incarnation of pizza than the slice of pepperoni.”

Richman believes that the love of that pepperoni pizza runs deep. He commented. “Don’t believe me? You pick up your phone right now. Look at the emojis, type in pizza. It’s not a plain slice, not Margarita or meatball, it’s pepperoni.”

The flavor and texture might be a driving factor in choosing to put pepperoni on the slice. In addition, pepperoni is an All-American food.

Given his vast food knowledge, Richman pointed out, “Pepperoni is not Italian. It’s an American product and pepperoni pizza was created in the earliest parts of the 20th century right here in New York City by Italian American immigrants. Pepperoni has actually been made by Hormel since 1915. It’s 108 years old. It’s an American product.”

That all-American product is used on pizzas, in salads, or even just eaten by the handful. Whether it is a person’s first foray into a spicier food or is looking to bring versatility to the food conversation, there are plenty of reasons to always have a package of Hormel pepperoni at the ready.

Hormel and Adam Richman for National Pepperoni Pizza Day
Hormel and Adam Richman for National Pepperoni Pizza Day, photo provided by Hormel /

With pepperoni pizza, it is hard to think of too many other foods that have such a broad-based appeal. Richman agreed, saying, “Pepperoni pizza crosses educational lines, professional lines, ethnic lines, gender lines, and backgrounds. I’ve had pepperoni pizza everywhere from Montana and South Dakota to California to Florida to Texas. It’s not the realm of the Snooty foodie, and you have Snooty foodies still eating it.”

That sentiment is one of the reasons why the Hormel Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop will be such a huge hit. The special, limited drops will have fingers hovering over the buy button. With reasonable prices, a variation of 9/20, people will want to get those socks, lamps, and various other offerings.

Given that food fashion is having a big moment, it is clear that the pepperoni necklace can spark a conversation. Sometimes finding that connection is easier than what people think.

Richman said, “I’ve always said that food is the one language we all speak. I think that’s why I show the “Man Versus Food” was popular because we all can’t dunk like Kobe or we all can’t skate like Gretzky, but we all can eat. We love the same food. You love the food that everyone loves. It’s a food you associate with celebration.” Showing everyone that personal connection through the Hormel Pepperoni Pizza merchandise celebrates more than a fashionable look. It is a statement that food is an integral part of our life. And, maybe that connection can be made with someone else when they see that look from afar.

The Hormel Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop is open now through September 20. More information can be found online. Items for sale include Pepperoni Wearables, Pepperoni Everywhere, and The Art of Pepperoni.

Hormel Pepperoni, the number one-selling brand of pepperoni in America, can be found at various retailers.

Adam Richman is the TV host for History Channel’s “Food That Built America,” author, and food expert.

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