Casey’s Triple Pepperoni Pizza stems from the company’s food innovation pipeline

Pepperoni Pepperoni Pepperoni, Casey's Triple Pepperoni Pizza, photo provided by Casey's
Pepperoni Pepperoni Pepperoni, Casey's Triple Pepperoni Pizza, photo provided by Casey's /

While Midwesterners know that Casey’s pizza trumps many other slices in the box, the regional convenience store is always ready and wanting to give its consumers more. After a hugely successful beer cheese breakfast pizza partnership with Busch Beer, Casey’s is tripling down with a new pizza that delivers both flavor and value. Can you handle Pepperoni Pepperoni Pepperoni, Casey’s Triple Pepperoni Pizza?

As the name suggests, the Casey’s limited-time-only Pepperoni Pepperoni Pepperoni pizza features three types of pepperoni. Each pizza has piled layers of crispy-cupping pepperoni, deli-style pepperoni, and traditional pepperoni. By combining the three styles of pepperoni on Casey’s made-from-scratch dough, the offering has everyone craving that first bite.

Ahead of the new Triple Pepperoni Pizza announcement, FoodSided spoke with Tom Brennan, Casey’s Chief Merchandising Officer, regarding the launch, the importance of the company’s food innovation pipeline, and making value a priority for its consumers. While the brand has inherent customer loyalty, the company appreciates that it wants to be innovative as well as excite and delight consumers.

With this new Triple Pepperoni Pizza, Brennan shared that this new offering has come from its food innovation pipeline. In response to the fact that four out of five people prefer pepperoni, Brennan said that the team wanted to find ways to innovate on that pizza topping preference.

Casey's Triple Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pepperoni Pepperoni, Casey’s Triple Pepperoni Pizza, photo provided by Casey’s /

Specifically, they looked at two areas, abundance and variety. Looking at the  triple pepperoni pizza, Casey’s captures that perfectly. While every bite has pepperoni, it is more than just one note. From flavor to texture, the three types of pepperoni ensure a total eating experience.

Given that Pepperoni, Pepperoni, Pepperoni has that topping in every bite, the abundance factor was achieved, but the Casey’s team did not stop there. The variety adds to a more robust flavor. Deli pepperoni is different from traditional pepperoni. Plus, pepperoni cups have their own special texture when cooked. Similar to how a chef creates a dish that hits not just the tastes, but also textures, a slice of this pizza offers total eating satisfaction.

While the Casey’s food innovation pipeline is pushing the popular pizza brand, one core statement seems to drive the process. As Brennan said, he wants to surprise and delight his guests. Sure, there are many people who will make a special visit to get that breakfast pizza, it is more than just one unique offering. It is the excitement and satisfaction that comes with serving that pizza on the table.

Although the brand is aware of various industry factors that influence how, what, and when new products come to market, the reality is that the goal is to always fulfill and satisfy them. Brennan believes that everything fundamentally starts with the guest. Delivering them the best product at a valuable price is a win for everyone involved.

Brennan appreciates that consumers have come to appreciate economic influences and even the impact of shrinkflation, but he believes that the consumer’s wants and needs can be balanced by the products coming through the food innovation pipeline. While a number might not be a consideration during the development process, he is confident that the new Casey’s offerings will hit that sweet spot of great flavor, consumer excitement, and inherent value.

Given the new triple pepperoni pizza would garner excitement during any launch time, the decision to bring this new pizza to consumers before the height of the college basketball season gives the brand another opportunity to its surprise and delight customer base. The event is a pizza gathering occasion. From the overall popularity of pepperoni as a topping to the heartier bite that this option offers, it can satisfy a crowd who is gathered to watch those games.

For people who are hungry for that first slice of Pepperoni Pepperoni Pepperoni Pizza (aka the Triple Pepperoni Pizza), it is available March 1 through June 20. A large pizza retails for $16.99.

And for the ultimate game watching combination, take a slice of advice from Brennan, who’s favorite pizza is the Breakfast Pizza, which is available all day. It is a unique offering that is a top choice with many Casey’s fans. Why not order the Breakfast Pizza and the new Triple Pepperoni for the ultimate combo. It might not guarantee a win for your alma mater during the college basketball playoffs, but it will satisfy everyone gathered around the table.