Chef Paul Wahlberg knows the Foxwoods Wahlburgers expansion is a guaranteed win, interview

Chef Paul Wahlberg on Wahlburgers Foxwoods expansion, photo provided by Foxwoods
Chef Paul Wahlberg on Wahlburgers Foxwoods expansion, photo provided by Foxwoods /

Certain foods can bring a diverse group of people to the table. Burgers are one, and Wahlburgers has elevated that conversation by blending family favorites with creative flavor combinations. With the Foxwoods Resort and Casino restaurant expansion, Chef Paul Wahlberg is not taking anything to chance. This food bet just might be a sure thing.

At Foxwoods Resort and Casino, the dining options vary from quick service bites to celebrated chef-driven menus. Appealing to the various clientele, the resort appreciates that familiar and flavorful are a winning pair.

As the newest addition to join the group, Wahlburgers brings not only name recognition to the collection but a menu that is approachable and fun. From the people who want a hearty burger after playing at the tables to the family who wants a meal that appeals to all palates, the restaurant hits the jackpot.

Chef Paul Wahlberg on Wahlburgers Foxwoods expansion
Chef Paul Wahlberg on Wahlburgers Foxwoods expansion, photo provided by Foxwoods /

Recently, FoodSided spot with Chef Paul Wahlberg about the Wahlburgers Foxwoods expansion, the infamous Wahlsauce, and his preferred menu order.

Cristine Struble: The dining scene at Foxwoods is robust. How does Wahlburgers fit into that dining vibe? Are you thinking of launching a special menu item just for this location?

Chef Paul Wahlberg: There’s so much to do at Foxwoods and so many great dining options, we’re just happy to be a part of it. We’ve got something for everyone – burgers, salads, shakes, a full bar and even a kid’s menu. No matter what you’re doing at Foxwoods, Wahlburgers can fit perfectly into that experience – whether you want to grab a quick bite and head back to the casino, enjoy a meal as a family or spend time at the bar with friends before or after a show.

CS: Wahlburgers is rooted in being a family restaurant, why is it important for you to have a well-rounded menu that appeals to everyone? How often do you add or change the menu based on food trends and/or fans’ requests?

PW: We started this restaurant because we cherished the time we spent as a family around the dining table when we were growing up. Food brings people together and we want to share in that joy with our guests. Our menu is a nod to our family favorites, and I’m always seeking inspiration to put a unique twist on the classics. I’m fortunate to be able to travel and meet new people, incorporating their traditions into new menu items.

CS: While Wahlburgers has a wide array of flavorful menu items, the iconic Wahl Sauce goes on anything and everything. Is there anything that your iconic sauce cannot be used on? What’s your favorite way to enjoy Wahl Sauce?

PW: I probably wouldn’t put Wahl Sauce on a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich. Other than that, it really does go on anything. I’m a creature of habit, to me it doesn’t get better than an Our Burger and Tater Tots dipped in Wahl Sauce.

CS: Making a great burger is an art. For home cooks, what is a secret to making a great burger that can help them the next time they’re grilling?

PW: The great thing about burgers is you can make them the way you want. You just need good seasoning, a great sear and the freshest ingredients. Add your favorite toppings and it’s a home run.

CS: If you were to create your perfect Wahlburgers meal, what is on it?

PW: The Our Burger is called “Paul’s Favorite” for a reason. Give me an Our Burger, Tater Tots and a Shake and I’m happy.

Wahlburgers at Foxwoods Resort and Casino is located in the Grand Pequot Tower. Hours vary throughout the week.

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