Bell’s Oberon Eclipse is a reason to toast ‘Ober-off’ season

New Bell's Oberon Eclipse, photo provided by Bell's Brewery
New Bell's Oberon Eclipse, photo provided by Bell's Brewery /

For many people, Oberson season is a reason to celebrate by cracking open an ice-cold beer. With the new Oberon Eclipse, Bell’s Brewery has a special offering that fills the seasonal gap. It is time to celebrate the warm, cozy weather with a welcoming citrus wheat ale.

Bell’s Brewery has come a long way since that first amber ale. Whether people long for that sip of Hopslam or stay with the iconic Oberon Ale, the Michigan-based brewery never disappoints with its offerings. Some think it is the Michigan water that adds a touch of magic to each can. More importantly, it is the brewmasters who are always looking for ways to elevate the conversation.

Although the brewery has several seasonal offerings, adding a new beer to the conversation gets people excited. More importantly, listening to what beer drinkers want is imperative to keeping them pouring that beverage. Given that there has been a desire for a year-round Oberon, it makes sense that the brewery would find a way to fill that seasonal gap.

Bell's Oberon Eclipse
New Bell’s Oberon Eclipse, photo provided by Bell’s Brewery /

According to Scott Powell, Director of Marketing for Bell’s Brewery, “There’s nothing Bell’s fans anticipate more than Oberon season, which is traditionally from March to September. But as Midwesterners, we know the fun doesn’t have to end just because it isn’t 70 and sunny. Oberon Eclipse is our way of embracing those longer nights and colder temperatures. Whether it’s using a snowbank as a beer cooler or enjoying a campfire under the stars, Eclipse invites drinkers to welcome the change in seasons with open arms—and an Oberon Eclipse in hand.”

The new Oberon Eclipse is a citrus white ale that contrasts bright and warm flavors. The orange notes are zesty and even a touch refreshing. With the coriander, that flavor note adds a sense of coziness. There is a sense of the familiar, yet it feels invigorating, similar to how a chilly fall night is brisk yet inviting.

The new Bell’s Oberon Eclipse is available from October through March. Participating retailers will have the beer available in 12 oz cans, 12 oz bottles, 16 oz cans, 19.2 oz cans and on draft at select locations. In addition, it will be featured in the Bell’s seasonal variety pack, which includes Two Hearted IPA, Big Hearted, and Best Brown.

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