Here’s how to score a free Chipotle Quesadilla on September 25

Free Chipotle Quesadilla offer on September 25
Free Chipotle Quesadilla offer on September 25 /

National Quesadilla Day is September 25, and everyone will want to enjoy a free Chipotle Quesadilla. Want to know how to score one?

When Chipotle added the quesadilla to the menu many people were ecstatic. No longer a menu hack, the food was front and center on the digital menu. Many people appreciate the choice because of the customization. From the protein to the sauces, there are many ways to make this dish your own.

For National Quesadilla Day, Chipotle is partnering with DoorDash on a free Chipotle Quesadilla offer. According to the brand, DashPass orders of $25 with the special code will receive a free quesadilla. The offer is available while supplies last.

The special free Chipotle Quesadilla code will be revealed on Alexis Frost’s TikTok account. As many people appreciate, the digital creator is a big fan of the Chipotle menu item.

free Chipotle Quesadilla offer on September 25
Free Chipotle Quesadilla offer on September 25 /

For the National Food Holiday, Frost will share her new favorite quesadilla order, the Carne Asada Quesadilla. Served with fajita veggies and three sides, sour cream, tomatillo-red chili salsa, and roasted chili-corn salsa, the dish is quite flavorful. Whether it is the punch of acid from the lime to the layers of spices, the carne asada is the bomb.

While this special offer will give many people their lunch or dinner plans, the promotion is more than just a free food offer. It showcases that social media channels are imperative for restaurants. From the visual that gets people hungry to the conversation that grows excitement, those visuals get patrons through the door.

Even though loyalty programs offer that moment of surprise and delight, the social media channels create a community. When everyone shows that free Chipotle Quesadilla offer, there is a unifying favorite. No one wants to be left out of the tasty fun.

What’s being served on September 25? Chipotle quesadillas of course.

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