Everyone can lay a finger on Butterfinger at Spirit Halloween

(Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images) /

While the spooky season is all around, Spirit Halloween is handing out a little sweet treat. Butterfinger is the official candy bar of Spirit Halloween and that is reason to celebrate.

Halloween candy is more than just the food tossed into the bags on October 31. It is a statement about favorite flavors, ties to tradition, or just something new and exciting on the shelf. Since no one wants to turn off that light signaling that the bowl is empty, it is time to prepare.

As part of the special partnership, Spirit Halloween and Butterfinger are handing out free candy bars at stores. In addition, there is a free collectible tote bag. The imagery is a mashup of the two brands. These offerings are available while supplies last.

Speaking to this collaboration, Neal Finkler, Vice President of Marketing for Butterfinger and Baby Ruth, said, “For one hundred years, Butterfinger has been a candy bar icon thanks to its crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery flavor. Halloween is the time of year when people of all ages hope for Butterfinger bars in their bag, so we’re thrilled to be the Official Candy Bar of Spirit Halloween to bring even more of Butterfinger’s irresistible flavor to Halloween lovers.”

According to Kym Sarkos, Executive Vice President, Spirit Halloween, “We live and breathe Halloween 365 days a year, and we know candy plays a special role in celebrations for many during the Halloween season. Our guests love coming to their local Spirit Halloween store each season for the thrills and surprises that await within the walls of every Spirit Halloween, and we are so excited to team up with Butterfinger, one of our favorite candy bars, to make that visit even sweeter this year.”

This partnership is a smart choice for both brands. Given that many people go to Spirit Halloween as the place for décor, costumes and more, it makes sense to put a candy bar forward in that conversation. No one wants to make multiple stops to complete all the seasonal shopping.

Halloween has become big business. From the special theme park events to haunted houses to even pop-up bars, the frights and delights are as plentiful as the pumpkin spice offerings on the shelf. Whether screaming is the psychological release or people just appreciate the opportunity to step outside of their regular lives in a costume, this season is all about letting go.

While there are many scary elements to the Halloween season, having someone taking all the Butterfinger does not have to be one of theme. Head to Spirit Halloween and make sure that the spooky season is both frightful and delightful.

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