Lea & Perrins Zesty Bloody Mary Mix sets a new standard for the classic cocktail

LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary Mix, photo provided by Lea & Perrins
LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary Mix, photo provided by Lea & Perrins /

Beyond the brunch table or even the hair of the dog, the classic Bloody Mary should not be limited to just a particular timeframe for that imbibing. With the new Lea & Perrins Zesty Bloody Mary Mix, the iconic Worcestershire Sauce is ready to bring the classic cocktail to the table with innovative food pairings.

Certain cocktails can sometimes be associated with a particular time. Whether it is the mimosa for brunch or the Irish coffee after a meal, people are drawn to that order just because.

Although that sentiment might be true, people do not always have to follow the status quo. If a person prefers a particular cocktail, why can’t it be enjoyed with any and every meal. Lea & Perrins wants people to apply that concept to the Bloody Mary.

As many cocktail enthusiasts appreciate, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire is a key ingredient in a Bloody Mary. Now, the brand is taking that pairing up a level.

LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary Mix sets arrives
LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary Mix, photo provided by Lea & Perrins /

Speaking to the new offering, Holland Robinson, Brand Marketing Manager, LEA & PERRINS said, “Bloody Mary afficionados know that the secret to a top-notch Bloody Mary is the Worcestershire Sauce. As the inventor, LEA & PERRINS has been the key to elevating flavor since 1837. As we looked to launch our first innovation in over ten years, it only made sense for us to enter the Bloody Mary business. We are excited to showcase the LEA & PERRINS quality and craftmanship in our mix and partner with BLT Restaurant Group to reimagine the savory cocktail in a never-before-seen way.”

To celebrate the new Lea & Perrins Zesty Bloody Mary Mix, BLT Restaurant Group will feature a special Bloody Mary Dinner. Available Thursday, September 28 – Sunday, October 8 at Chicago, New York City, and Washington D.C. locations, the dinner features the following:

  • Lea & Perrins Zesty Bloody Mary topped with traditional BLT Restaurant garnishes including a jumbo celery stalk, green olive, cornichon, and lemon wedge.
  • An 8 oz. skirt steak infused with a Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and soy-garlic marinade.
  • A juicy skewer of Lea & Perrins Calabrian chili marinated grilled shrimp with scallion oil, spiced maple bacon with mustard seeds and pickled onions, and fresh grape tomatoes.

The dishes highlight the flavors of the Lea & Perrins Zesty Bloody Mary Mix. From the punch of spice from the cayenne based hot sauce and fresh horseradish to the brightness from the lemon juice, it is a well-balanced flavor.

More importantly, it lends itself to a variety of food pairings. It is more than an omelet or a skillet hash. The classic cocktail can go with a roasted chicken or even a plate of pasta. For people who enjoy that Bloody Mary, it can and should be sipped whenever and wherever they please.

The Lea & Perrins Zesty Bloody Mary Mix, a collaboration with George’s Beverage Company, is available at major grocery stores and specialty spirit retailers. Check with stores for pricing and availability.

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