New IHOP Waffles bring big, bold flavors to the plate

Three new IHOP Waffle dishes join the menu, photo provided by IHOP
Three new IHOP Waffle dishes join the menu, photo provided by IHOP /

While the iconic restaurant might be known for its pancakes, the new IHOP Waffle menu items have people skipping that short stack for another food. Ready to dig into these sweet and savory choices?

Recently, IHOP has expanded its menu. Limited time and seasonal offerings have people running to enjoy those flavors before they disappear. Across the restaurant space that food trend is front and center. A brand cannot lose traction to a competitor because they did not join the relevant conversation.

As part of its fall menu, IHOP offers its take on popular seasonal flavors, like pumpkin spice. More importantly, it looks to traditional menu items and adds a sweet and savory take. That duality brings a wider audience to the table.

Speaking to the new menu items, Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP said, “At IHOP, we are proud to be the breakfast leader. This fall, we have kicked it up a notch by delivering a dedicated Biscuits menu, and now, expanded our popular waffles to include Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffles and a Waffle Sundae so that our guests can enjoy any time of day. Our goal is to always put a smile on your plate when you come to dine with us.”

new IHOP Waffle dishes
Three new IHOP Waffle dishes join the menu, photo provided by IHOP /

The new IHOP Waffles offerings are Strawberry Cheesecake, OREO Cookie Crumble, Waffle Combo, and Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles. These offerings show how versatile the waffle can be on a menu. Even though it is not necessarily “will it waffle” conversation, it brings more flavors to the plate.

Also, the addition of Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles is a smart choice for the brand. Even if the spicy chicken topic has cooled slightly, savory items deserve to be part of the conversation. Not everyone wants to feel like they are eating dessert at every turn.

In addition to the new IHOP Waffles, other food items will get people ordering. Plant-based items, like the Impossible Burger Patties and Impossible plant-based sausage as a side make the menu more inclusive. A restaurant needs to keep these food choices front and center.

From the pumpkin seasonal items to even a new Vanilla Creamy Cold Foam Cold Brew, IHOP is showing that it is more than just a pancake house. To keep guests coming back morning, noon, and night, it is doing its part to showcase its menu depth.

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