TEELING Whiskey and Notre Dame raise a glass to unwavering spirit

Teeling® Whiskey Named the Official Irish Whiskey Partner of Notre Dame Fans, photo provided by TEELING
Teeling® Whiskey Named the Official Irish Whiskey Partner of Notre Dame Fans, photo provided by TEELING /

From the season kickoff in Dublin to home games under the gaze of Touchdown Jesus, the Fighting Irish stand on foundation of a storied football program. As the Official Irish Whiskey Partner of Notre Dame Fans in the US, TEELING Whiskey Company looks to celebrate the past, present, and future one pour at a time.

The connection between Notre Dame and its Irish culture is clear. While the university’s football team kicked off the season in Ireland, that one event is just another example of the loyal alumni base’s willingness to always support its alma mater.

With the TEELING Whiskey partnership, the liquor brand seeks to bring a taste of the Emerald Isle to the fan base. Speaking to this partnership, Stephen Teeling, Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Director said, “Partnering with a storied institution like Notre Dame, with such a passionate fan base tied to our shared Irish roots is an honour for TEELING. With our shared dedication to quality of the highest order and the unwavering spirit of The Fighting Irish, we look forward to what’s in store. TEELING is thrilled to be sharing our award-winning whiskies with Notre Dame fans and alumni and to be aligning with a world class athletics program that shares our commitment to excellence.”

This partnership is one of many that the Fighting Irish has made over the years. The Guinness and Joe Montana collaboration has been very successful for all parties. It had people learning to better appreciate the classic beer and its smooth flavor.

As the TEELING partnership unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the Irish whiskey brand leverages this partnership. Whether it is fans who raise a glass after another hard fought win or enjoy a pre-game cocktail to set the tone for the day, there are plenty of ways to showcase the connection.

It would be interesting to see how this Irish whiskey could be some of the Irish traditions to game day. Even though tailgating might be quite particular for some people, there could be a way for intertwine some Irish traditions, flavors, and foods into that event. Why not bring a real taste of Ireland to game day? From the glass to the plate, there are plenty of options.

For now, have a bottle of TEELING at the ready for Notre Dame game day. Whether you say Slainte or Cheers, sharing good times with good friends is always worthy of a rousing toast.

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