SeaWorld Parks unveils new marine life inspired experiences intertwined with big thrills

Penguin Trek at SeaWorld Orlando, photo provided by SeaWorld Parks
Penguin Trek at SeaWorld Orlando, photo provided by SeaWorld Parks /

While theme park guests crave new, engaging attractions, the newest offerings from SeaWorld Parks have people eagerly anticipating the opening day. Across its U.S. based locations, the marine life inspired experiences will set the brand apart from other venues.

Recently, SeaWorld Parks has been finding the right balance between high adrenaline rides and connecting to its marine life content. Even though educational and conservation programs engage the mind, people want to have fun while adding that knowledge to their toolbox.

Several of the theme parks’ attractions have found a way to blend the sea adventure with the fun. Sometimes that combination can be the spark for people’s desire to take one day’s diversion and turn it into a bigger conversation.

Recently, SeaWorld Parks announced three new attractions across its locations. Speaking to the new additions coming in 2024, Marc Swanson, CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment said, “We know our fans will delight in the all-new lineup of marine life inspired experiences that gives everyone even more new ways to really enjoy our parks. And when they do, they can feel good knowing that a portion of proceeds goes toward our rescue and conservation work.”

SeaWorld Parks Penguin Trek at SeaWorld Orlando
Penguin Trek at SeaWorld Orlando, photo provided by SeaWorld Parks /

What are the new SeaWorld Parks new marine life inspired experiences?

After the successful debut of Pipeline, the world’s first surf coaster, SeaWorld Orlando is ready to go off into a chillier adventure. Penguin Trek puts guests front and center in an Antarctic adventure. The family inclusive coaster weaves its way inside and outside as guests traverse the penguin world.

After reaching speeds of 43 mph, guests will depart in the heart of the penguin habitat. This ride will change the conversation on the immersive ride experience.

Continuing its quest to offer unique and first experiences, SeaWorld San Antonio will open Catapult Falls, the World’s First Launched Flume Coaster. While guests should prepare to get a little wet, the adventure will have rides plunging down a steep drop and rocking their way across the winding track.

Lastly, SeaWorld San Diego is opening Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience. The immersive and interactive aquarium features various species. Whether guests are mesmerized by the creatures or choose learn more about their conservation, the space will have people lingering for a while.

More information on SeaWorld Parks new attractions, please see the respective theme park websites for tickets, hours, and annual passes. Exact opening dates for each attraction will be announced at a later date.

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