SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline Surf Coaster has everyone amped to catch that wave

SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline Surf Coaster, photo by Cristine Struble
SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline Surf Coaster, photo by Cristine Struble /

While Cocoa Beach might be an hour to the East, theme park and roller coaster enthusiasts are ready to catch a different wave away from that sandy beach. The new SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline Surf Coaster has riders standing on top of that deck, strapping in, and riding the twists and turns on this new thrill ride.

SeaWorld Orlando has been pushing the envelope with its thrill rides. While the recent addition of Ice Breaker allowed a wider group of guests to plunge into that chilly abyss, it can raise the heart beat just a little. Other rides, like Manta and Mako, bring the extreme moments that might leave some riders feeling the impact as they walk the exit line.

Since SeaWorld Orlando has rides that go up, down, around, are ridden face down, sitting up, and strapped in, there was only one other new option for Pipeline. This roller coaster has the riders standing as they ride the wave.

Pipeline, the Surf Coaster, had its ride vehicle debuted during IAPPA Expo 2022 in Orlando. As people imagined how standing atop that surfboard would feel, the days counted down till the ride first welcomed guests.

During a special media preview of SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline Surf Coaster, guests were able to catch that first wave. Although there might not the splash of salt water or the need to put on a wet suit, the fun and excitement of the beach vibe was clear. The track has curves, peaks, and valleys. Even though riders do not have to perfect their balancing, they do have to embrace the fun that accompanies the ride.

As riders step onto the board, they stand over the seat. The spring “seat” is what make each turn, twist and air borne moment exciting. Even though there is no harness on a real surfboard, there is a similarity to the freedom felt when riding a real wave and the experience on this roller coaster.

The spring in the seat allows for moments where your feet leave the board. You might be “standing” but you are more suspended. Those little airborne moments almost mimic the buoyant like that feeling when in water. It is a fun connection between the waves and the surf coaster.

Overall, the thrill ride is engaging. It is fun and leaves you wanting more. Like riding a real wave, it is about feeling the yearning to ride again and again.

Even though the ride time is only a little over a minute, it will have people laughing and having fun. For those who are not as thrill adventurous, this roller coaster is approachable. It is time to put away those fears and strap into the experience.

The SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline Surf Coaster reaches up to 60 mph. It reaches a height of 110 feet and has a wave curl inversion. The height requirement is 54 inches.

SeaWorld Orlando is ready for thrill seekers and surfers to drop in. No one is going to get hammered on this ride, but everyone is ready to pop up, strap in, and ride the surf coaster experience.