Sonic Trick or Treat Blast is a Halloween candy lover’s dream come true

Sonic Trick or Treat Blast, photo provided by Sonic
Sonic Trick or Treat Blast, photo provided by Sonic /

While the kids might have bags overflowing with Halloween candy, that sweet haul does not have to be limited to the witching hour. With the new Sonic Trick or Treat Blast, anyone and everyone can indulge in those favorite candies.

Sonic always brings a touch of fun to the table. While some people cannot get enough of those pickle flavored food offerings or hunger for a big, juicy burger, it is often the sweet treat that ends the meal. From a slush to a shake, there are plenty of options that will satisfy that craving.

With the new Sonic Trick or Treat Blast, it combines three favorite treats into one composed spoonful. It includes Heath, mini M&M’S, and OREO pieces. There is chocolate, toffee, and cookies. Even though they are all great on their own, the grouping is better together.

Speaking to this new offering, Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation at Sonic said, “We know that it can be hard to pick just one item to enjoy from your trick or treating bag, but Halloween is a time to indulge your sweet tooth and you shouldn’t have to choose just one!. We first introduced the Trick or Treat Blast in 2020, and this year we’ve reimagined the fan-favorite dessert to include a new lineup of three sweet add-ins that will make guests feel like they’re getting an entire trick or treat haul in every bite. Whether you enjoy it with chocolate or vanilla soft serve, it’s scary just how good it tastes.”

Sonic Trick or Treat Blast
Sonic Trick or Treat Blast, photo provided by Sonic /

The interesting aspect of this dessert is the Heath. The candy can skew more adult-preferred than kids. Not only does it add that toffee flavor, it brings a new texture to the Blast. Slightly chewy, it stands out in the middle of the dessert. Even though the other items add crunch, it lingers a little longer.

Overall, the Sonic Trick or Treat Blast a fun offering for the spooky season. It is definitely more delightful than frightful. More importantly, it is available well past the witching hour, since it will stay on the menu until December 31.