Dunkin goes even bigger with its spooky Spider Donut

Dunkin adds inflatable Spider Donut for Halloween, photo provided by Dunkin
Dunkin adds inflatable Spider Donut for Halloween, photo provided by Dunkin /

As the witching hour approaches, everyone is getting into the spirit. At Dunkin, the Halloween inspired treats are back and the favorite, spooky Spider Donut is getting everyone’s attention. There is no missing this larger-than-life seasonal offering.

Even though everyone has been sipping pumpkin spice for months and the Halloween candy has been sitting on the shelf, there are plenty of Halloween treats to enjoy closer to the big day. While flavor is often a driver, the visual is usually the option that gets people snapping and sharing that food moment.

Over the past couple of years, the Dunkin Spider Donut has been a favorite. Whether it is the single donut sitting in the middle of a dozen box or a cluster of spiders taking over a table, the reality is that people cannot get enough of this seasonal treat.

This year, Dunkin is crawling beyond the donut box for its spooky Spider Donut. Can you see it from a distance?

Speaking about the special offering, Kemma Kefalas, Director of Brand Engagement at Dunkin’ said, “Our Spider Donut has increasingly become a symbol of the Halloween spirit here at Dunkin’. Every October, we watch our guests celebrate the spooky season with Spider Donuts in hand. This year, we wanted to create a new and out- of-the-donut-box way for Spider Donut super fans to showcase their love for the season with this inflatable masterpiece.”

Dunkin spooky spider donut
Dunkin adds inflatable Spider Donut for Halloween, photo provided by Dunkin /

For the first time ever, Dunkin has offered a Halloween décor item. The six-foot-tall Inflatable Spider Donut will make a statement no matter where it is placed. It brings a little sweet, spooky fun to the conversation. It might be a little too big for a real-life donut treat, but it is the Halloween item that will get everyone talking on that neighborhood block.

The inflatable Dunkin Spider Donut retails for $99.99. It is available at ShopDunkin.com starting 12 p.m. on October 3.

If that huge Halloween décor item is too big, the regular Dunkin Spider Donut and Halloween sprinkle donuts return on October 12. For anyone who wants to skip the candy this year and serve donuts, these food items are always a popular choice.

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