Rite Aid launches Ello Market with a wide range of food products

Selection of Ello Market from Rite Aid, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Selection of Ello Market from Rite Aid, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Consumers want shopping convenience. Long gone are the days when people are willing to make multiple stops to complete all those purchases. With the new Ello Market from Rite Aid, the national drug store chain puts a variety of choices within shoppers’ reach.

Private label brands have earned prime shelf space alongside well-known, classic companies. Whether the first purchase was due to price considerations or convenience, the switch has stuck and consumers are seeking out these store-specific offerings.

As the latest company to join the private label conversation, Rite Aid launched Ello Market. The line includes snacks and pantry staples. More importantly, the special offerings look to boost a conversation beyond just value.

According to Pamela Kohn, SVP, Chief Merchandising Officer at Rite Aid, “We’ve been paying close attention to consumption habits to ensure our offerings fulfill the needs and desires of our customers. We’re excited to bring Ello Market to our stores and introduce shoppers to a line where quality snacks meet unbeatable value.”

The Ello Market offerings are broken into three categories, Core, Better for You, and Indulgent. Whether shoppers pick by grouping, flavor, or just satisfying a craving, the line has something for everyone. Even though a few items might have competitors on the shelf, others stand out for their uniqueness.

Ello Market from Rite Aid
Selection of Ello Market from Rite Aid, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

For example, the Protein Trail Mix and Probiotic Trail Mix are a great choice because they make balanced eating an easy, grab-and-go scenario. The combination of flavors and textures satisfy, but it is the ability to have a feel-good snack to pick up while getting those other items on the shopping list. It is a simple solution to eating on the go.

On the indulgent side, the chocolate covered almonds are a great choice. From the dark chocolate option that brings some sophistication to the milk chocolate which is a classic taste, it feels like eating a candy bar but in a more controlled way.

The various Ello Market items are rolling out on Rite Aid store shelves. Check with local stores for pricing and availability.

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