Woodford Reserve holiday collection 2023 delights bourbon drinkers

Woodford Reserve holiday release 2023, photo provided by Woodford Reserve
Woodford Reserve holiday release 2023, photo provided by Woodford Reserve /

As the year comes to a close, many people are ready to raise a glass to the good times, laughter, and friendship. The Woodford Reserve holiday collection 2023 offers bourbon drinkers a spirited celebratory toast and a sweet treat during the festive season.

Many people enjoy gifting and sipping on a holiday spirit. While some brands release a seasonal offering, others prefer to never waiver from their favorite pour. Given the Woodford Reserve’s popularity, it is often a classic choice to have on the bar.

For the Woodford Reserve holiday collection 2023, there are three offerings. First, the specialty holiday bottle design has been released. As gift, this bottle does not need any additional wrapping. Anyone would be happy to receive this bottle under the tree.

Woodford Reserve holiday collection 2023
Woodford Reserve holiday release 2023, photo provided by Woodford Reserve /

For the other Woodford Reserve holiday collection 2023 offerings, the liquor brand leveraged its WIlliams-Sonoma partnership. As Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall commented, “The flavors in the Woodford Reserve bourbon combined with the delicious tasting notes of the Williams Sonoma food products make for the perfect winter treat.”

The Two-Layer Bourbon Spice cake might be the star of any holiday meal. Nestled inside the vanilla spice cake is a layer of caramel filling. Topped with cream cheese frosting and crunchy candies pecans, the cake will put grandma’s dessert to shame.

Consider serving this Bourbon Spice cake with a hot toddy featuring the Woodford reserve. That punch of acid from the lemon should cut through the richness of the cake. It will be the food and beverage pairing to enjoy while snuggled up on the couch.

Another food offering is the Bourbon Caramel Sauce. While the base flavor is clear, it is the use of the smoked sea salt which sets this sauce apart from others. The smoked quality adds depth while the salt, itself, enhances the sweetness.

The Bourbon Caramel Sauce has a myriad of uses. From a drizzle on a simple apple pie to turning a pecan pie into an even more decadent slice, it might be best to buy two bottles for all that holiday baking. Even a little drizzle on a cookie or a brownie would elevate the dessert.

Lastly, the Woodford Reserve 8 Days of Spirit Advent Calendar is back. For anyone who needs a little boost behind the bar, this gift is a great choice. Even though many people have become more confident with their mixology skills, a little help is always a good thing.

Check online at Willams-Sonoma for some offerings and Woodford’s website for other holiday information.

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