Donna’s Purse Snacks are the perfect football mom food

Donna’s Purse Snacks, Donna Kelce and KIND collaboration, photo provided by KIND
Donna’s Purse Snacks, Donna Kelce and KIND collaboration, photo provided by KIND /

As any sports mom understands, watching a game can be nerve-racking. With Donna’s Purse Snacks from KIND, everyone’s favorite football mom, Donna Kelce, is prepared for any snacking occasion.

In recent weeks, football has become part of the conversation with non-traditional sports fans. That pop culture cross over has become bigger than a Super Bowl halftime show or the Draft Day number one pick. Even though one star quarterback has gone from Mr. Irrelevant to leading a NFL team to victory, the reality is more eyes have been on the stands and who is sitting in that player box.

Long before NFL fandom hit a new era of fan pandemonium, Donna Kelce has been that constant figure supporting her sons. From the split jersey in the Super Bowl to the supportive word when the score is less favorable, Kelce has become the maternal figure that makes everyone feel good.

Previously, Kelce partnered with KIND Snacks and she has brought back that partnership. Recently, the offering of Donna’s Purse Snacks sold out almost immediately. While there were only 149 bags of this special snack food, the response was swift. The sell out was almost as quick as some popular ticket drops.

The Donna’s Purse Snacks from KIND featured Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cashew Dipped Clusters. The combination of the dark chocolate, crunchy cashews, and slight sweetness really hit a high note. Plus, the size is made for easy snacking. Whether calming the nerves before a 3rd and long or enjoying a bite after that slant touchdown, the reality is that these snacks are perfect for any occasion.

Given the response, many people are hoping that KIND Snacks releases another round of these Donna’s Purse Snacks. Whether they release 1989 or just 13 different drops, everyone will have to wait and see. Until then, grab another KIND Snack off the shelf. It never disappoints.

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