See’s Candies conjures new spookily sweet Halloween offerings

See's Candies Halloween Candy Crypt, photo provided by See's Candies
See's Candies Halloween Candy Crypt, photo provided by See's Candies /

While the kids might be picking the perfect costume, sweet Halloween candies are not just for the younger set. See’s Candies has new treats that are hauntingly tasty.

For over 100 years, See’s Candies has been delighting people with their recipes. The traditional Mary See recipes have stood the test of time because of the love stirred into every bite. Even though the scale might be much greater than those first batches, those candies continue to deliver the flavor that had people falling in love with that first bite.

For Halloween 2023, See’s Candies is offering four scary good treats. They are Candy Crypt, Happy Haunting Box, Milk Chocolate Ghosts, and Milk Chocolate Balls. Even though some food television shows have veered toward the creepy side, these candies do not venture too far into the darkness.

See's Candies Halloween offerings
See’s Candies Halloween Candy Crypt, photo provided by See’s Candies /

The new Candy Crypt is more than just the ghoulish nod to the spookiness of the graveyard. The nine-piece collection brings together dark and milk chocolate. While each person might have their favorite, it is fun to sample each and maybe even create a curious flavor journey. Personally, the Dark Salted Caramel is a perfect ending treat. The Candy Crypt sells for $16.

This year, the Happy Haunting Box has a new look. This combination candy box has See’s classic Lollypops, Milk Chocolate ghosts and sour jelly beans. It hits sweet, sour, and a little silly too. The Happy Haunting Box retails for $12.

Although it might not be Casper, the Milk Chocolate Ghosts are on the friendly side. The milk chocolate treats are perfect for both young and old. A box has a retail price of $20.

Lastly, the Milk Chocolate Balls have a new look for Halloween. For anyone who wants to add some color to the dessert table, these chocolates are a great choice. The container retails for $9.75.

These Halloween candies and many, many others are available on the See’s Candies website.

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