Mario Lopez put the laughs in game night thanks to Laffy Taffy, interview

Mario Lopez and family enjoy game night with Laffy Taffy, photo provided by Laffy Taffy/Britt Benton: The Range Photography
Mario Lopez and family enjoy game night with Laffy Taffy, photo provided by Laffy Taffy/Britt Benton: The Range Photography /

Family game night is often a spirited occasion. Even if people get a little competitive, the memories made around the table last long after the game pieces are put away. Recently, Mario Lopez and his family brough a little extra laughter to game night with help from Laffy Taffy.

As many people know, Laffy Taffy is known as much for the jokes on the wrapper as it is for the tangy, chewy candy. Given that a good laugh can brighten any day, having that candy always around can be that little pick me up when the mood takes a turn. The sometimes treat can always be part of the conversation.

Recently, Laffy Taffy launched a new game, The Last Laff. The interactive card game was meant to bring a little more laughter to family game night. Whether the rules are followed to the letter or the game is modified so that everyone feels that there is fair play, the reality is that each turn is another moment spent together. No matter who has the bigger pile of candy at the end of the event does not matter. More minutes of togetherness are the biggest win.

As part of the special event, Laffy Taffy partnered with Mario Lopez. While he might have been saved by the bell in a different genre, the reality is that family game night buzzer does not stop the fun with just one round. Even if his kids might groan at a few dad jokes, that time together is important to him.

Mario Lopez Laffy Taffy game night
Mario Lopez and family enjoy game night with Laffy Taffy, photo provided by Laffy Taffy/Britt Benton: The Range Photography /

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Mario Lopez about his Laffy Taffy partnership.

Cristine Struble/FoodSided: Some families share a high of the day at the dinner table, why do you think that a daily joke could be the way to bring a little lighter moment to the day?

Mario Lopez: Dad jokes are so lighthearted and shareable. It’s a great way to connect with your family by laughing together and being silly. What I love about Laffy Taffy is you can have a sweet treat after dinner and LOL while reading jokes on the wrappers.

CS: Sometimes kids can groan at those dad jokes, do you think that deep down they really like them?

ML: Yeah, I think they like them. Me and my kids love dad jokes. Sure, sometimes they’re corny. But they’re supposed to be! That’s what makes them funny. The best part is that we all get to laugh together and create memories – and who doesn’t love that?

CS: What’s the key to a great dad joke?

ML: Some of the best dad jokes are the clever ones that make everyone stop and think about it for a second to try and guess. I love those. Ultimately, the key is making your family laugh and me and my kids always get a kick out of a good pun.

One of my favorite jokes is: What do you call a nosy pepper? …. Jalapeño business!

CS: Some families have weekly movie night, why do you think that a family game night is more engaging or can spark a conversation?

ML: I think family game night is a great way to bring everyone together and break out of the mundane of our every day – especially if there is laughter involved. It inspires moments of connection. Whether you’re challenging each other to something or using a skill, like guessing Laffy Taffy’s punchlines, the whole family can be included and part of the fun.

No matter how you connect, it’s all about sharing moments and laughing. That’s what’s important.

CS: What are some of your favorite games to play during game night?

ML: My family and I play a ton of different board games and card games depending on how much time we have to play. Most recently we’ve been loving Laffy Taffy’s limited-edition game, “The Last Laff!”

CS: What’s your favorite Laffy Taffy flavor? Do your kids like the same flavor?

ML: I’ve always been a big fan of the Strawberry mini-bars. It’s truly the best treat no matter what game you’re playing. My kids, of course, love them all but especially the Grape, Sour Apple and Blue Raspberry!

Everyone can enter to win one of the 500 Last Laff games. More information can be found at, including new jokes. The even runs through October 13, 2023.

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