Alex Hill serves a flavorful food conversation on Tastemade’s Spice Spice Baby

Spice Spice Baby on Tastemade staring Alex Hill, photo provided by Tastemade
Spice Spice Baby on Tastemade staring Alex Hill, photo provided by Tastemade /

While many people know Alex Hill from social media, she is branching out into a longer form food conversation on Tastemade’s Spice Spice Baby. From the novice cook to the flavor explorer, this new food television show has everyone getting into a new cooking groove.

Over the years, many people have turned to Alex Hill on her social media account, Just Add Hot Sauce, for her food and cooking advice. Always willing to share a glimpse into her personal connection to food, those approachable concept had people hungry for more.

In the new Tastemade show, Spice Spice Baby, the informational series brings together a food and culture conversation. While there are simple, achievable hacks woven into every dish, Hill invites people to step a little out of their comfort zone. From a tiny step to a giant leap, everyone has an option.

Recently, Alex Hill spoke with FoodSided regarding her Tastemade show Spice Spice Baby. While she blends dishes with ingredients and flavors from her childhood, she includes food trends and fun items. The combination invites even the novice cook to step in front of the stove. And, perfection is not the end goal.

As Alex said, “I always want people to be ok with messing up when they are cooking. If you want to try a dish that is outside of your norm and it does not turn out the way that you hope, it is ok. Start over tomorrow and try this again. I want anyone to feel like they can do it. I am here to give people cooking confidence. Messing up is part of cooking.”

That willingness to try and keep cooking is a sentiment Alex learned at a young age. She recalled how she first started cooking. She said, “My mom gave me the confidence. When I was younger and wanted to try recipes, she said let’s do it. I think that confidence carries with me today. Spice Spice Baby is really a love letter to her.”

Alex believes that by eating different foods you can learn a little more about a person and their culture. Whether it is trying a new restaurant or cooking at home, that experience offers a greater understanding of people. She references as a “try and tell.” Food might be a common connector, but it has a personal story served on every plate.

While there are a plethora of spices, ingredients, and flavors to explore, the reality is that food or a dish needs to be approachable. That concept is front and center on Spice Spice Baby. Each and every dish can be modified in some way. Whether it is swapping out red onions because they are not a favorite or choosing a different green versus a peppery arugula, the reality is that each recipe is a starting point. As long as people are willing to put up the spatula, it is a win all around.

And, before anyone has a misconception about the title of the show, Spice Spice Baby is not about extreme capsaicin levels or bottles of hot sauces. Alex wants people to think differently about the concept of spice. She said, “I think we can think of spice as just flavor. It is more than just salt and pepper. From cumin to garlic, there are plenty of ways to spice up your life.”

And, that does not have to go all the way to the extreme levels. Discovering personal preferences falls into that cooking confidence concept.

Spice Spice Baby on Tastemade staring Alex Hill
Spice Spice Baby on Tastemade staring Alex Hill, photo provided by Tastemade /

Even though Alex has been on this food journey, she appreciates that her family and heritage has been a foundation for this appreciation for food and flavor. Whether it is a dish from one of her father’s favorite restaurants or a recipe that she made with her mom, that blend of cultures influences everything she does.

She encourages everyone to have those conversation with loved ones and friends. More importantly, she mentioned to write down those recipes. Whether it is capturing the written one taped to her mother’s kitchen cabinet or asking a family member to write down the secret to traditional recipe, no one wants to lose those flavors over time.

For now, the first chapter of Spice Spice Baby is opened for viewers to enjoy on Tastemade. The kitchen is open for anyone ready to bring a little flavor to their day.

Spice Spice Baby with Alex Hill can be streamed on Tastemade mobile, TV apps and ad-free with Tastemade+. More information can be found online.

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