ALDI sets the Thanksgiving table with extra holiday savings

ALDI Thanksgiving Meal features extra holiday savings, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI Thanksgiving Meal features extra holiday savings, photo provided by ALDI /

As the year’s end approaches, many people have reasons to gather. Whether it is a festive meal with friends or a traditional family gathering, the table brings everyone together. ALDI understands that the food needs to be bountiful, which is why it is serving some extra holiday savings.

While the statement has been told time and again, shoppers cannot escape higher food prices. Even though ALDI has long been a grocery leader in good value, staples cost more. Couple that scenario with higher interest rates and other economic concerns, the bank account has taken a hit.

Still, people want to celebrate with a robust holiday offering. Even if they stretch the food budget on a weekly basis, the special gathering needs to have the traditional offerings that people crave. Whether it is grandma’s pie or even that controversial cranberry sauce, no one wants the dreaded stare when a classic food is missing from the table.

Starting on November 1, ALDI is committed to bringing savings to that holiday food shopping list. With up to 50% price reductions throughout the store, favorite holiday items will find their way into that overflowing cart.

ALDI Thanksgiving and holiday food savings
ALDI Thanksgiving Meal features extra holiday savings, photo provided by ALDI /

As Dave Rinaldo, President of ALDI said, “Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, and we’re so grateful for our many loyal customers from coast-to-coast. With inflation still looming, we’re providing shoppers extra relief to make the holidays a time for celebration, not stress. What’s served on the Thanksgiving table is just as important as who’s sitting around it, so ALDI is delivering big savings on key items so there’s always room for more guests.”

These price reductions are slated to run from November 1 through the end of 2023. While individual price reductions vary, the savings are significant. For example, Specially Selected Brioche Rolls are $1.40 less per package, Stonemill Pure Vanilla is $2.40 less, and Baking Brie is $2.30 less. More savings can be found in stores.

While ALDI might be touting the tag line, Save More, Seat More, it is more than the number of people gathered around the table. It could be restocking a bare pantry for the year ahead or just giving yourself permission to find a little joy with their favorite foods from childhood. People appreciate any and all gestures during the holiday season. Maybe these extra savings could inspire people to spread a little of their own holiday cheer to those who need it.

The ALDI weekly finds might be the reason why many people fill their carts, but the extra holiday savings will bring a little extra merriment to that special shopping trip.

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