Triscuit celebrates farmers by becoming the Unofficial State Snack of Michigan

Triscuit celebrates Michigan farmers as the Unofficial State Snack of Michigan, photo provided by Triscuit
Triscuit celebrates Michigan farmers as the Unofficial State Snack of Michigan, photo provided by Triscuit /

While various crackers might fill the shelf, Triscuit is and has always been a unique offering. Going back to the 1900s, the wheat cracker has always celebrated its main grain. To celebrate those hard-working farmers who supply that key ingredient, the cracker brand wants to become the Unofficial State Snack of Michigan.

Over the years, many snack brands have showed their connection to their integral ingredients. For example, a special potato made some chips grown in greatness.

While those moments made for a great conversation, grains are often the foundation of many snacks. With Triscuit, Michigan wheat has and will continue to be the primary ingredient to these crackers. Specifically, Triscuit Crackers are made of white winter wheat, which is provided by Michigan farmers.

Long before people put the classic food on cheese boards, people were enjoying that hearty flavor. They would not have as appealing a taste without that Michigan wheat.

According to Gabi Stone, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Mondelez International, “Triscuit Crackers are unapologetically wholesome and unapologetically made with Michigan-grown wheat. This petition is a great chance for us to amplify our Michigan ties and at the same time, to support the farmers we’ve spent decades building partnerships with. It’s just one more way of strengthening those relationships.”

While all snack food fans can sign the online petition for the brand to earn its Michigan snack status, it is more than just that accolade. The company supports Co-Op Elevator farming collective of over 1,000 of Michigan’s generational family farmers. Given the difficulties that many farmers face, any and all support can help alleviate some of the daily struggles.

In addition, the brand is partnering with Michigan State University. Through a $100,000 donation, the contribution will help fund future farmers’ education through scholarships and other endowments.

The next time that Triscuit Cracker appears on a cheese board, is part of a lunch, or is just eaten by the handful, take a moment to think about the farmer who harvested the grain for that food. Sometimes showing some appreciation for the people behind the food product is just as important as celebrating a great taste.

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