Hilton predicts culinary experiences will drive 2024 travel bookings

Hilton 2024 travel trends focus on culinary experiences, photo provided by Hilton
Hilton 2024 travel trends focus on culinary experiences, photo provided by Hilton /

Across the globe, Hilton has properties that invite guests to escape to a memorable adventure. From a quick getaway close to home to traveling across the globe, guests look to culinary experiences to drive those 2024 travel bookings. Luckily, there is an open table waiting to flavor that travel memory.

Recently, Hilton shared its 2024 travel booking trends. While decision drivers vary for each category, one aspect seems to be consistent, food and beverages can tip the scales from one location to another. From celebrity chef partnerships to robust bar programs, the modern traveler wants to feast during their visit.

Throughout the Hilton brands, the hospitality company strives to be stand out amongst the sea of sameness. One way to reach the guests who hungry for elevated food offerings is to partner with well-known chefs.

This year, Hilton expanded its chef partnerships around the globe. From James Beard collaborative dinner series to highlighting locally sourced ingredients, the reality is that the informed diner expects and craves more on the plate. Whether it is Nancy Silverton’s emphasis on farmer-focused dishes to family style plating that invites a spirited conversation around the table, each restaurant blends the local culture with current trends. The days of a simple, quick dinner are replaced with a feast that is the highlight of the day.

Hilton 2024 travel trends focus on culinary experiences
Hilton 2024 travel trends focus on culinary experiences, photo provided by Hilton /

While dinner might be the time to linger around the table, the culinary experiences often start at the bar. Happy hour has become a more inclusive affair. Cocktails and mocktails fill the glass. Hilton is aware that guests want options and has tailored some of its signature cocktails to be served in both ways.

For example, the rise in popularity of zero-proof spirits has inspired many of the mixologists to offer beverages that can be served both with and without alcohol. Options like the Tokyo Drift can swap a Japanese whiskey for a zero-proof option. Whether it is a lifestyle choice or just a preference, the mixologists are ready to shake up creative beverages that satisfy any thirst.

While the variety is important, the beverage program is more than an expansive menu that reads like the dictionary. The thoughtful, curated choices bring the focus back to the experience. Similar to the food and dining program, the glass evokes an experience. From a visually stunning presentation to enhancing a particular aroma, the presentation is just as important as the words expressed during that rousing toast.

Overall, Hilton appreciates that guests’ travel decisions are more than just a geographically convenient location or a nightly room booking value. Choosing one property over another comes down to an overall experience from the moment the guest steps into the lobby till they depart the locale to head home. If the food and beverage options satisfy and make a lasting impression, the guest will be more willing to seek another property under that brand’s umbrella because they know the hospitality will be superb.

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