Cracker Barrel Rewards gets a rocking endorsement from Dolly Parton

Cracker Barrel Rewards with Dolly Parton, photo provided by Cracker Barrel
Cracker Barrel Rewards with Dolly Parton, photo provided by Cracker Barrel /

While many people sit a spell and rock in those infamous rocking chairs, the new Cracker Barrel Rewards program is ready to rock in a different way. With the help of Dolly Parton, everyone is ready to enjoy some time around the table, hum a catchy tune, and enjoy the comfort food classics that are always part of the conversation.

From simple family meal to a favorite stop while on that road trip, Cracker Barrel always delivers what people want. A good, classic meal that might even compete with grandma’s traditional recipe. While that comfort food satisfies, the brand appreciates that it needs to adapt. Whether it is incorporating food trends or showing their appreciation for the guest, the reality is that young, old, and everyone in between are excited to step into that restaurant.

In a recent announcement, the brand debuted Cracker Barrel Rewards with the help of Dolly Parton. While customer loyalty programs have become a standard across the restaurant space, each program needs to appeal to the particular consumer and the brand. Whether it is surprise and delight or another way to entice people back to the table, the approach needs to fit the situation.

With the new Cracker Barrel Rewards program, the program is based on the classic “pegs game” that people enjoy playing at the table. As more pegs are accumulated, guests earn rewards. That blend of classic Cracker Barrel and game-ifed program should be a win.

How is Dolly Parton associated with the new Cracker Barrel Rewards announcement?

To kick off the new Cracker Barrel Rewards, the restaurant brand partnered with Dolly Parton. From the campaign to special prizes, people will be rocking their way to more loyalty points.

As Julia Perry, Vice President of Marketing Communications at Cracker Barrel said, “When it comes to something as exciting as the announcement of our new rewards program, we knew that Dolly Parton was the perfect partner to anchor our campaign. It’s always an honor to collaborate with her but particularly on this campaign, which gives us the chance to celebrate her first-ever rock album, while also paying tribute to this milestone moment for our brand – that is the launch of Cracker Barrel Rewards – which is also pretty rockin’. It was a natural fit.”

Dolly Parton commented, “Cracker Barrel and I have had a relationship for many years, and I am happy to say it continues with the launch of my new Rockstar album on Nov. 17 and Cracker Barrel’s Rewards That Rock campaign. They surely are giving you the Rockstar treatment!”

Parton is no stranger to food collaborations. People have baked with her boxed mixes. Guests flock to her theme park for a taste of that cinnamon bread. She seems to have the golden touch across genres.

In this case, the down-home feeling seems to bring the two partners together. That feeling of simplicity, appreciation for togetherness, and a willingness to spend time together is apparent. Maybe it could be a reminder to take a break and enjoy a slice of that chocolate cake, rock a little, and appreciate the good life.

More information of the Rewards That Rock campaign can be found online. In addition, guests can sign up for the Cracker Barrel Rewards program online and in restaurants.

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