Crown Royal Aged 30 years is a pour of exceptional sophistication

Crown Royal Aged 30 years, photo provided by Crown Royal
Crown Royal Aged 30 years, photo provided by Crown Royal /

While the royal purple bag unfurls to reveal a iconic Crown Royal bottle, the Canadian Whisky looks beyond the classic spirit with its latest offering. With the Crown Royal Aged 30 years, the sophistication developed as it matured created a flavor that deserves much contemplation.

Aged spirits are more than just a coveted bottle with prime space on a shelf. The mature liquid is a celebration of a distiller’s craftsmanship, a willingness to accept the risk, and a triumph when all the stars align. From the first aroma on the nose to the lingering finish, that prized bottle is celebrated for all its qualities.

Crown Royal is and will continue to be a staple on many people’s liquor shelf. Easily mixed into a cocktail or enjoyed simply on its own, the brand has endeared itself to many drinkers. People know what to expect when the liquor is poured and that scenario is always appreciated.

When the brand looked beyond the classic offering, aging played into the conversation. The marriage between liquid and wood imparts flavors. As it matures, another layer is formed, and the final result is one that has definitely improved with age.

The Crown Royal Aged 30 years is another chapter in the Extra Rare series. As Tatiana Conti, Vice President, Crown Royal commented, “In crafting this special release, we wanted every detail to reflect the specialness of this whisky – from the exceptional liquid to the meticulously designed bottle to the hints of gold and iridescent pearl-like sheen on the packaging. This is truly a unique blend of our oldest expression to date.”

Crown Royal Ages 30 years
Crown Royal Ages 30 years, photo provided by Crown Royal /

Even though some whisky drinkers prefer to head straight to the pour, the details in the bottle and packaging should not be overlooked. The bottle glistens in the light. In contrast, the cream-colored bag feels pristine, a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

While the visual entices, it is the liquid in the bottle which is truly a gift. A maple note aroma feels a touch familiar, yet the spices add to the warmth. Although the ripe pear might be subtle, that little fruitiness should not be overlooked.

Upon first sip, the vanilla notes add to the drinking enjoyment. Combined with the orchard fruit, the taste feels creamy, indulgent, as if the drinker wants to snuggle into the whole experience. Sumptuous, distinctive, the experience feels sophisticated yet still approachable. This release is not your father’s whisky.

In the end, the finish satisfies with rounded oak and warm cinnamon. A simple, neat pour in a favorite rocks glass is the perfect way to toast a memorable evening.

The Crown Royal Aged 30 years is available in select regions. The suggested retail price is $499.

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