Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection ignites a spirited holiday vibe

Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection revealed for the 2023 holiday season, photo provided by Zeno Group
Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection revealed for the 2023 holiday season, photo provided by Zeno Group /

Whether the music plays a familiar tune or the snow casts a dusting on the ground, the holiday vibe is not limited to those particular winter wonderlands. With the Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection, everyone can add a little extra to the spirit full season.

As the holidays approach, there are a few concepts that make the moment more engaging. Twinkling lights on the tree might be one aspect, but aromas often set the tone for the celebration. Freshly baked cookies from the oven, the freshness of pine when the Christmas tree arrives, and even a glass of eggnog that caps off the evening are all examples of those sense memories.

While all those moments can make for a pleasurable ambiance, sometimes it is time to set the tone without all the additional effort. There is no need to turn on the stove when striking a match is all that is needed. Yankee Candle is that choice.

The 2023 Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection infuses all those favorite holiday inspired fragrances into the conversation. Sometimes a touch nostalgic other times a little innovative, the reality is that these new moments have people feeling an appreciation for all the holiday cheer.

Speaking to this collection, Michelle Favaloro, Vice President of Home Fragrance at Newell Brands said, “The new Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection celebrates the magic of the holidays, offering a selection of fragrances that combine nostalgic scents with new twists to our dedicated, candle-loving fans. With this collection, we’ve created a little something for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season. From the comforting fragrances of balsam and warm spices in our Shimmering Christmas Tree candle to the delightful blend of cardamom and blackberry wine in the Holiday Cheer candle, this collection promises to elevate the ambiance of future gatherings with loved ones, creating unforgettable memories.”

The Yankee Candle Bright Lights collection includes: Holiday Cheer, Magical Bright Lights, Shimmering Christmas Tree, Sparking Winterberry, and Marshmallow Eggnog (Retail Exclusive). Just reading the names, the sentiments are clear. These fragrances are meant to bring happiness, togetherness, and a lot of merry and bright.

Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection
Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection revealed for the 2023 holiday season, photo provided by Zeno Group /

While each candle will appeal to either a feeling, moment, or just the love of a particular scent, there is another concept that can take the holiday season in a new direction. When the holiday bustle gets too chaotic, it is time for candles and cocktails.

As part of the Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection, the brand has made some suggested candles and cocktails pairings. While many people happily pair a cocktail with candy, cheese, and various other foods, this concept is all about enjoying the moment, unwinding, and letting the noise fade away.

Here are some of the suggested Yankee Candle Bright Lights collection candle and cocktail pairings.

Magical Bright Lights with Pear Mint Julep

The Magical Brights fragrance balances some bright fruit with a refreshing mint leaf. With earthy sandalwood and sweet vanilla, the aroma feels inviting, exciting, and classic nod to the holidays.

For the cocktail pairing, the Pear Mint Julep flavor blends the seasonal pear with the brightness of the mint in the julep recipe. The bourbon brings warmth and depth, but this cocktail keeps a lightness about it. In a way, this pairing sparkles like the twinkling lights on display.

Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection Magical and Bright
Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection Magical and Bright, photo provided by Yankee Candle /

Holiday Cheer with Sugar Plum Whiskey Smash

While a great cocktail might bring a toast to cheerfulness, the Holiday Cheer candle feels almost like a mulled wine. Unlike simmering spices on the stove, this candle has a hint of sweetness with vanilla and tonka bean. Contrasted with a touch of pepperiness and cardamon, it is complex.

For the cocktail pairing, the cranberry ginger ale brings a bright, warmth to contrast the sweetness and the plum. It might not be those sugar plum fairies, but it could have people feeling a little more willing to dance the night away.

Sparkling Christmas Tree with Sparkling Christmas Tree

During the holidays, the first whiff of pine brings all the feels. From evoking childhood memories to feeling that sense of joy, the Sparkling Christmas Tree candle captures it all without having to pick up any pine needles.

With this cocktail pairing, the option is to highlight the tartness of the seasonal cranberries. The gin brings some of the piney notes, depending on the gin used. More importantly, this sipper feels invigorating.

Sparkling Winterberry with Pomegranate Apple Cider Spritzer

Anyone who has enjoyed that first snowfall and appreciated how it simmers, this Yankee Candle offering hits that balance of bright yet serene. Tropical notes contrasting snow-covered cedar create a tone that mesmerizes.

Pairing the candles with the Pomegranate Apple Cider Spritzer is simple. While the rosemary adds complexity, it is the familiar apple that takes center stage. The effervescence from the sparkling water ensures that every sip is light and bright.

Marshmallow Eggnog with Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Martini

For some people, a holiday season is not complete without eggnog. With this candle, the twist of the Marshmallow and Eggnog is a touch unexpected yet totally compelling. The sweetness is clear but is far from cloying. It captures that childlike simplicity of enjoying the moment.

Pairing this candle with a cocktail seems obvious. The twist on an espresso martini adds a touch of sweetness that many people will enjoy. Who needs dessert when there is a glass in hand.

The Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection is available in stories and online. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.

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