Mezcalum evolves the mezcal conversation with a balanced, sophisticated taste

Mezcalum mezcal from Erin and Abe Lichy, photo provided by Mezcalum
Mezcalum mezcal from Erin and Abe Lichy, photo provided by Mezcalum /

As mezcal becomes a bigger part of the spirits conversation, Mezcalum, from the Real Housewives of New York’s Erin and Abe Lichy, is a Mexican spirit unlike other offerings in the market. With a focus on balance and sophisticated flavors, this new liquor brand appeals to drinkers who enjoy a festive night out but prefer to relive it the morning after.

Mezcal can sometimes be a polarizing spirit. The agave based liquor is a celebration of craftsmanship, but the flavor can take some time to appreciate. Many offerings are smoke forward. While that robust flavor entices some drinkers, others would prefer the acrid notes to take a back seat.

When founders Erin and Abe Lichy decided to create their own mezcal brand, they had a specific concept in mind. Given they had long enjoyed sipping the Mexican spirit on their travels, there were certain aspects that they felt needed to evolve. With a focus on flavor, balance, and mindfulness, Mezcalum was born.

Erin and Abe Lichy launch Mezcalum
Erin and Abe Lichy launch Mezcalum, photo provided by Mezcalum /

As Erin Lichy shared, “Mezcalum was an idea born from our love of drinking mezcal with family and friends in Tulum. Inspired by the exuberant city and its rich culture, we set out to pay our tribute to Tulum with a unique Mezcal blend by marrying the Oaxacan culture and sexy beach vibe of Tulum. As an entrepreneur, mother and real estate developer, balance is key in my life, and Mezcalum offers just that; I can sip on it at night, and still wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer my day. Mezcalum is designed to be the spirit for wellness warriors.”

Although some people might not put wellness warriors and cocktail hour in the same conversation, that idea of a fulfilled, balanced life means raising a glass when it is available. If a person chooses to take that sip, the spirit should not derail all the other lifestyle choices.

Abe Lichy went onto explain, “We created Mezcalum for those who value wellness and balance, yet enjoy a nice drink at the end of the day. Mezcal is not only one of the oldest distilled spirits and “father of tequila”, but also the purest agave spirit, offering among the lowest sugar and calorie counts of any spirit. It has been a truly special experience for my wife and I to team up with our childhood friend, Chris, to bring a spirit to market that celebrates togetherness and invokes lifelong memories.”

Mezcalum mezal from Erin and Abe Lichy
Mezcalum mezcal from Erin and Abe Lichy, photo provided by Mezcalum /

What can drinkers expect from Mezcalum mezcal?

Upon first glance at the bottle, Mezcalum is unlike other mezcals on the market. It feels light, inviting. While there is a beachy color scheme, it is more than just a playful moment frolicking on the sand. It seems to capture that water rejuvenation vibe, which leans into the brand’s wellness approach.

Beyond the bottle, the spirit contains no sugar, zero additives, and 100% organic ingredients. These parameters are becoming more important to consumers. People may want a libation, but they want it to coincide with their other lifestyle choices.

One of the biggest draws for this mezcal will be the low smoke level. While the nuanced flavor is not overlooked, it does not overpower all the other flavors. More importantly, there is a beautiful complexity to the sip. Whether served simply with a lime and some sparkling mineral water or shaken into a cocktail, the mezcal is approachable no matter the moment.

More information on Mezcalum can be found online. Bottles retail online for $49.99.

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