BravoCon 2023 revolutionizes the Bravoholic experience, exclusive interview

BravoCon 2023 head to Las Vegas, photo provided by Bravo
BravoCon 2023 head to Las Vegas, photo provided by Bravo /

As all the Bravolebs descend on Las Vegas, the multi-day BravoCon event is more than just another fandom celebration. Whether the Bravoholic can recount episodes by heart, has their own shot-ski at home, or longs to enjoy a taste featured in that world, the reality is that those shows are more than just visual entertainment. They have become part of people’s lives.

Beyond the panels and parties, BravoCon is using popular food and beverage brands to make connections that extend long after the Las Vegas memories fade from view. Whether it is enjoying a specialty Lay’s flavor that has people talking about her or enjoying a first spoonful of this season’s Wendy’s Peppermint Frosty, the reality is that people are hungry for these moments.

FoodSided exclusively spoke with Jamie Cutburth, EVP of Creative Partnerships at NBCU about the BravoCon partnerships, the overall experience for fans, and why this event does not end when the Bravoholics put the Caesars Forum in their rearview.

While attendees are excited for the weekend activities, it is more than just those in-person experience. As Cutburth explained, that connection to the favorite shows runs deep.

“Honestly, I can’t think of a bigger fan than a Bravoholic. I mean, the true passion and love these superfans have for the world of Bravo is, full stop, unmatched. They wholeheartedly trust and have a deep empathy for their favorite Bravolebs, which, as you could imagine, creates more intimate and interactive experiences in real life. And that’s what BravoCon is all about. With this event and in collaboration with our brand partners, we’ve truly been able to transcend screens by curating genuine and experiential activations tied to the beloved brand – ultimately, providing fans the once-in-a-lifetime moment to intimately interact with the iconic Bravosphere.”

Throughout the three-day experience, the various events highlight creative partnerships. Many well-known brands developed immersive experiences to transport those on-screen moments and give people real connections.

Speaking to how these partnerships came to be, Cutburth shared, “Authenticity is the number one guiding principle when we approach partnerships. We bring our brand partners directly into the creative process, where we align on their key goals and determine who they are trying to reach to ensure that we maintain that authenticity – from there, well, that’s where the marketing magic happens.”

The marketing portion is less about product placement and more about connection. While there is a marketing aspect, it needs to make sense for the situation and potentially continue the conversation for fans and brands.

Cutburth said, “for BravoCon, it’s allowed us to think beyond what is possible for marketers. This event is the destination to bring our beloved content directly into the hands of our fans and uniquely curate interactive branded experiences that inspire the senses at every turn.”

In Las Vegas, the activities are almost non-stop. Food, beverages, and more take center stage with the favorite Bravo personalities stepping into that space.

Cutworth shared, “This year, fans can stop by Lay’s pop-up to indulge in Something About Her inspired bites, then head to DoorDash’s Bravopalooza events to mix and mingle with their favorite Bravolebs, while enjoying wine, cheese and charcuterie, from there, Bravoholics can chill out with Wendy’s and cater to their sweet tooth with full size Frosty’s – and later, celebrate real moments with Yoplait during “The Real Housewives” panels. Plus, our partners at Carnival Cruise Lines and Hilton know nothing pairs with food like the perfect apéritif and are helping serve fans custom cocktails throughout the weekend to quench their thirst. And that’s not all, Bravoholics around the globe can join the fun of the weekend too, thanks to brands like Coca-Cola and SILK who will amplify special BravoCon content across social and NBCUniversal’s streaming platforms, all weekend long. Truly, through thoughtful and deliberate collaboration, we’re bringing Bravoholics the opportunity to come face-to-face with the content they adore, while at the same time fostering a deeper, and in some cases, unexpected connection with our brand partners.”

As the events at BravoCon unfold, grab a Coca-Cola, open a bag of Lay’s, or even place a DoorDash order for a cheese plate. Hopefully, everyone is still on speaking terms by the end of the event.

BravoCon 2023 runs November 3 through 5 in Las Vegas. The event held at Caesars Forum features more than 60 events and more than 150 Bravolebs. For those people not attending in person, check out special events on Bravo, Peacock, and online.

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