Perdue Chix Mix evolves snack food into a new direction

Perdue Chix Mix changes the snack food conversation, photo provided by Perdue
Perdue Chix Mix changes the snack food conversation, photo provided by Perdue /

While the snack food aisle might be full of spicy, traditional, or even usual flavor combinations, the new Perdue Chix Mix is unlike anything else on store shelves. The inspiration behind this new offering fosters a bigger conversation about the food that people eat.

Although food trends can have some consumers reaching for a globally inspired recipe or might push them to try a new ingredient, a bigger conversation impacts all of those flavors. Appreciating how, where and why food arrives on the plate is a concern for many people. As Power of Meat report from the North American Meat Institute and FMI stated, 63% of consumers prefer to know where there food comes from.

For many years, Perdue opened the conversation to how its chickens are raised. As Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown, senior vice president of technical services and innovation at Perdue Farms said, “Over the last 20 years, Perdue has worked diligently to achieve No Antibiotics Ever raised chickens. To be successful, we improved our approach to animal care and the way we feed our chickens. We removed animal by-products and antibiotics and put in products that promote good gut health such as oregano and thyme.”

The Perdue Chix Mix is a way for consumers to better appreciate the brand’s concept. Although not a bag of food fed to the chickens, the snack food takes inspiration from that item. Made from corn, wheat and edamame, those ingredients are similar to the items in the chicken feed. Although this version has a little extra barbecue seasoning to make it more enjoyable for snack time.

While some people might be a little uncertain about enjoying the bowl, that thought should quickly be erased from the conversation. The combination of corn, wheat, and edamame is similar to any other snack mix. Some people might have preferred some heat versus barbecue flavor, but the snack food should be tasty.

Perdue Chix Mix enjoyed by a mother and daughter
Families enjoy Perdue Chix Mix, photo provided by Perdue /

Over the years, there have been many discussions on plant-based alternatives, genetically created proteins, and other scientifically enhanced foods. While many people appreciate the concept of eating local, supporting farmers, and organically grown crops, the reality is that food is and will always be interconnected. Just like the soil influences the crops, the grain eaten influences the animals. If a person is not willing to consume the same grain, should they want to eat that animal protein?

While those topics might be debated till the chickens come to roost, the Perdue Chix Mix will not be available that long. The specialty snack food will be available on November 17 at 12 p.m. EST. To order a free bag, visit Quantities are limited and will be available while supplies last.

Could this snack mix be the next big food trend? Only time will tell. More importantly, should you use these ingredients when creating that next chicken recipe?

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