Chef Eric Adjepong and Tanqueray make it easy to bring fancy to the table

Chef Eric Adjepong partners with Tanqueray for a special dinner event, photo provided by Tanqueray
Chef Eric Adjepong partners with Tanqueray for a special dinner event, photo provided by Tanqueray /

While there is a time and place for a simple dinner, other occasions deserve a little fancy on the table. That adjective is not necessarily about breaking out the crystal or the covering the plate with gold leaf. As seen through his partnership with Tanqueray, Chef Eric Adjepong is ready to bring the fancy and everyone will want a seat at his table.

Recently, Tanqueray suggested the idea of a “Damn Fancy dinner” and it leans into the food trends that more people are embracing. Although there might be a time and place for a simple burger or even a healthy salad, the reality is that enjoying a great meal should be a celebration. It is time to allow those moments to stand above the every day complacency.

That “fancy” can look differently depending on the who, where, or why. For some, it might be pouring that gin cocktail into a crystal martini glass. Others might prefer to cover the table with a stunning tablescape. And, someone else might prefer to put the most expensive ingredients on the plate. No matter the scenario, “damn fancy” is served, and everyone will remember that moment.

Chef Eric Adjepong for Tanqueray
Chef Eric Adjepong partners with Tanqueray for a special dinner event, photo provided by Tanqueray /

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Chef Eric Adjepong about this partnership with Tanqueray, his approach to adding a little fancy to the meal, and what he serves for that special occasion.

Although a celebrated chef, like Chef Eric, might have the culinary tools to make that meal “fancy,” home cooks might be a little more cautious with their choices. When asked for some simple, fancy ideas, Chef Eric said, “A “fancy” meal to me is all about bold flavor combinations and experimenting with unique ingredients to make something new. Some of my favorite components to elevate any dish are scallops, aphrodisiacs, a nice table scape, and of course a signature Tanqueray cocktail, which is the perfect accessory to help elevate any dish to make it Damn Fancy.”

While some people might uncork a bottle of wine for the sophisticated food and beverage pairing, gin is having a moment. Still, some people might be a little uncertain how to complement those botanical flavors with certain foods.

Chef Eric suggested, “As a Tanqueray gin lover myself, I’ve always been inspired by the flavors of gin, especially Tanqueray’s vibrant ingredients and bold flavor profile. The varietals of Tanqueray offer a range of pairings. For example, the Tanqueray Sevilla Orange has real orange flavor and can work well with fresh summer dishes while the Tanqueray No. TEN citrus forward flavor and is elevated by the salinity of freshly shucked oysters. In my opinion, I think flavors that accent and highlight pairings as well as the use of florals with lots of botanical and aromatic notes are a nice pair with Tanqueray.”

As part of their partnership, Chef Eric will be hosting a “Damn Fancy” dinner. When asked what that term means to him, he responded, “To me “Damn Fancy” is all about feeling good. Whether that be eating at your local diner in a fancy suit or hosting close friends and family over for a martini and caviar tasting, it’s about elevating the everyday with Tanqueray. Damn Fancy lets me be eccentric yet simple in my cooking and that same feeling can really be emulated in everyone’s own unique way. I’m really excited to work with Tanqueray to bring “Damn Fancy” to life by crafting a creative dining experience using flavors inspired by my upbringing in NYC and helping to let the Tanqueray cocktails shine.”

Although seating at this time is selective, Chef Eric shared his menu inspiration for this event. He shared, “My inspiration behind the Damn Fancy Dinner menu is to remind everyone that no matter how fancy or simple your dish may be, it’s the little touches – like a specialty Tanqueray Dirty Martini with an olive garnish – that help put the damn in Damn Fancy. By focusing on using fresh and local ingredients can really elevate any dish whether – it’s a fancy filet mignon or simple burger and fries!”

Since many people will want to be part of this coveted dining experience, Chef Eric explained, “The Tanqueray sweepstakes is open to consumers 21+ for the chance to be flown out to New York city along with two friends to experience a Damn Fancy dinner curated by myself and the bold flavors of Tanqueray gin! I’m thrilled to be partnering with Tanqueray for this sweepstakes where we can give one lucky winner the chance to not only enjoy a delicious meal but explore the flavors of Tanqueray gin in a completely new and unique way. You can follow me on all my social media platforms like Instagram (@ChefEricAdjepong), Twitter (@ChefAdjepong), Facebook (@Eric Adjepong), and Tanqueray’s Instagram (@tanquerayusa) and click the link in my bio to enter for a chance to win a Damn Fancy Dinner.”

While this special event might not have open reservations, the New York dining scene has a vibrant food culture. When asked about how the City influences his culinary creations, Chef Eric commented, “There’s always inspiration because there’s always something new happening in New York to stay inspired. New York is a perfect spot for foodies to feel inspiration. My list of best places to enjoy a Tanqueray martini is endlessly growing so I love to explore new places both to eat and drink!”

Since many people have watched Chef Eric on food television throughout the years, they appreciate that he has sought to educate people on the flavors, customs, and culture that are part of the African diaspora. For those who are interested in learning more, he suggested “do it gradually – pairing unfamiliar flavors with familiar dishes is a great way to introduce diners to the African diaspora.”

While a lucky few will get that special Tanqueray Damn Fancy dinner experience, Chef Eric Adjepong has a few more projects in the works. He shared, “I’ll be hosting Alex vs America season 4 which will release at the top of next year, I’ll be competing on Tournament of Champions, and I will also be on the upcoming holiday season of Selena + Chef!”

From the holidays to the New Year to just a regular Wednesday, it is time for everyone to bring a little more fancy into their food and beverage experience. A little extra is always appreciated.

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