Blue Apron Holiday Menu eliminates all the hosting stress

Blue Apron Holiday Menu includes a Thanksgiving meal, photo provided by Blue Apron
Blue Apron Holiday Menu includes a Thanksgiving meal, photo provided by Blue Apron /

From worrying about lumpy gravy to fretting over which vegetable side dish pairs with turkey, the holiday cheer can be overshadowed by stress. Luckily, the Blue Apron Holiday Menu can eliminate those worries. One box can save the season.

Many people have turned to Blue Apron as their way to simplify a special meal, to improve their cooking skills, or to avoid going to the grocery store. No matter the reason, cooks have come to appreciate that ordering a Blue Apron box brings a flavorful feast that everyone around the table will appreciate.

With the Blue Apron Holiday Menu, the brand has released several options for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. While some shoppers might wait till the last minute to complete that shopping list, one push of a button brings the whole box to their doorstep. No worrying about forgetting an ingredient or the last-minute run to the store. Blue Apron handles it all.

Blue Apron Holiday menu includes a ham meal
Blue Apron Holiday menu includes a ham meal, photo provided by Blue Apron /

What are the Blue Apron Holiday Menu offerings?

This year, there are four options on the Blue Apron Holiday Menu. They include the Classic Thanksgiving Box, Vegetarian Holiday Box, Holiday Ham Box, and Holiday Roast Box. Each box includes options like a main protein, various sides, and a dessert. It is a complete meal.

The best part about the Blue Apron concept is that it simply and efficiently guides the home cook through the process. The easy to follow recipes can make a novice cook gain confidence. No need to phone a friend. Although perfection is not guaranteed, a delicious meal is usually the outcome.

Also, for anyone who wants to stay on budget, these meal kits can be helpful. While the price is not necessarily cheap, there is something to be said about return on investment. Buying all these ingredients separately can be pricey. More importantly, the specifically measured ingredients can avoid food waste. There are many considerations beyond just convenience.

This year, let Blue Apron simplify the holiday feast. For Thanksgiving meals, remember to order by November 15. Other meal options will be available through the holiday season.

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