Wisconsin Cheese artisans triumph at the World Cheese Awards

While the NFL’s Cheeseheads have raised their trophies for decades, Wisconsin Cheese artisans are celebrating their big victories at the World Cheese Awards. Earning recognition in 25% of all the awards presented, the state’s cheesemakers prove that their craftsmanship deserves prime space on that cheese plate.

From the discerning palate to the person who happily nibbles on the food placed in from of them, Wisconsin Cheese appeals to a wide audience. The fresh, squeaky cheese curd can sit side by side with a pungent blue cheese. While those flavors are very diverse, the care and the craft poured into every bite can be tasted.

Beyond the knowledge and experience that many of these cheesemakers have, it is their passion about their product which makes their offerings stand out. The basics of making cheese can be learned by people who want to put that food science to work. The nuance is a gift that few people have.

During the recent World Cheese Awards in Trondheim, Norway, Wisconsin Cheese artisans earned recognition across a wide range of categories. Specifically, the state’s competitors earned more awards than any other state.

Speaking to the accolades, Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marking Officer of Wisconsin Cheese and Senior Vice President of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin said, “More than 180 years ago, our ancestors chose Wisconsin because the terroir reminded them of the homes they’d left behind in Northern Europe, allowing for the tradition of expert farming and cheesemaking to grow and flourish. Wisconsin continues to call to national and international artisans alike, and we are so very proud of the rich, flavorful award-winning cheeses that are produced here.”

Wisconsin Cheese artisans Marieke Penterman of Marieke Gouda

Marieke Penterman of Marieke Gouda won the most domestic awards of any United States Cheesemaker at the 2023 World Cheese Awards in Norway.

Discover one of the Wisconsin Cheese artisans, Marieke Penterman of Marieke Gouda

At this year’s World Cheese Awards, Marieke Gouda earned the most awards of any domestic cheesemaker. Anyone who has tasted this impeccable gouda appreciates that those accolades are well deserved.

Penterman’s journey to earning her Wisconsin Cheesemaking License started because she wanted to enjoy her country’s cheese in her new homeland. After years of training and her passion for the food, her brand stands out as top of class.

More importantly, Penterman is always willing to improve her craft. As she begins the process to earn her Master Cheesemaker designation, that desire to hone her craft excites everyone in her presence. How that knowledge will impact her future offerings remains to be seen. But, the results should be quite delicious.

For the person who has not yet enjoyed some Marieke Gouda, the various offerings can be enjoyed a variety of ways. Whether it is pairing it with a smooth bourbon, incorporating it into a luscious grits recipe, or even enjoying it with a piece of chocolate, the gouda is great with anything and everything.

Cheese lovers know that Wisconsin Cheese artisans always deliver the best product. After this year’s World Cheese Awards, everyone around the globe is excited to feast on that expert taste.