Sun-Maid and Duff Goldman’s Forget Fruitcake cookie reimagines the holiday dessert

Sun-Maid breaks up with Fruitcake and serves new holiday desserts, photo provided by Sun-Maid
Sun-Maid breaks up with Fruitcake and serves new holiday desserts, photo provided by Sun-Maid /

Certain holiday desserts can cause both positive and less happy reactions at the table. This year, Sun-Maid and Duff Goldman are serving a Forget Fruitcake cookie in hopes of showing that raisins can find a more flavorful relationship this holiday season.

Although many people have their traditional food, recipe, or dish that is part of their celebrations, fruitcake often gets a particular look from people at the table. While the Collin Street Bakery might have their storied history with the dessert, others may prefer to pass on that traditional, seasonal slice.

This year, Sun-Maid is making a bold statement about fruitcake. In a recent social media post, it stated that it is ending its relationship with fruitcake. It is not that the dessert will forever be banished from the kitchen. Instead, it is time to take those classic flavors and find a modern interpretation of what they could, or maybe should, be.

While this statement is meant to bring a little laughter to the baking space, the reality is that fruitcake flavors are not necessarily bad, they just need an upgrade. Think about a chocolate chip cookie. That classic recipe is good, but it can taste better when there is a baking salt finish, a caramel drizzle, or even a just a chocolate upgrade.

In partnership with Duff Goldman, the popular chef has created four new recipes, including a Forget Fruitcake cookie, that will have everyone seeing those popular Sun-Maid raisins in a new light. Just like that glow-up makeover after a break-up, that favorite fried fruit appears even sweeter.

The Forget Fruitcake cookie is not necessarily a traditional cookie, it is more like a riff on an Italian Cookie. The tri-colored, stacked layers with apricot jam filling is covered with a chocolate ganache. Various dried fruits come together to offer sweetness and texture. With these cookies, everyone will be delighted to enjoy a taste.

The Forget Fruitcake cookie and others, including Peanut Butter and Raisin Halvah, Pinwheel Cookies, and the savory Bacon Raisin Cornbread Chicken can be found on the Sun-Maid website.

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