Freddie Prinze Jr. explains why he’s serving Libby’s Vegetables for the holiday

Freddie Prinze Jr for Libby's Vegetables, photo provided by Libby's Vegetables
Freddie Prinze Jr for Libby's Vegetables, photo provided by Libby's Vegetables /

Whether it is Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or just a family dinner, simple, flavorful recipes often set the tone before everyone sits down. This year, Freddie Prinz Jr. partnered with Libby’s Vegetables to showcase three easy to master recipes. More importantly, the partnership invites everyone to give back this holiday season.

Canned vegetables might be a pantry staple, but that familiarity does not mean that the food is bland or boring. In turn, those vegetables do not have to be complicated. That delicate balance might seem precarious, but it can be mastered by any cook, including a novice one.

For this holiday season, Freddie Prinz Jr. collaborated with Libby’s Vegetables. As seen on his Instagram account, he shares three recipes that are simple but have a sophisticated taste. While the recipes are ones that many home cooks can master, it is more than another side dish to add to the feast.

This year, the pair are raising funds and awareness for Meals on Wheels. Now through December 31 anyone who likes, shares, or comments on the #LibbysGivesThanks post will trigger a donation to the cause. Up to a maximum of 500,000 free product coupons will be donated to Meals on Wheels.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Freddie Prinze Jr. regarding this collaboration with Libby’s Vegetables, his holiday traditions, and why beets deserve prime space at this year’s holiday gathering.

As seen in Prinze’s Instagram video, one of his recipes is beets. While some people appreciate the nutrient dense vegetable, others would prefer to skip that serving. Although many people happily have other root vegetables on the holiday table, beets might not be a first choice.

When asked why he decided to showcase canned beets, Prinze said, “It’s such a common thing for me and my family to eat. My kids love them. The recipe is simple. I’m throwing them in a skillet and I’m using three ingredients, salt, pepper and a little maple syrup drizzling over it. It makes beets, which are naturally sweet, even sweeter.”

Although some people would happily finish that serving, but others might push the vegetable around the plate. Prinze shared, “I wasn’t allowed to say no as a kid. Whenever my mom cooked, it was dinner or it was breakfast the next day. I know that’s not the way people do it anymore, but that’s the way we do it in my family.”

While his family has a robust appreciation for all types of food, Prinze understands that getting people to want to cook is about making it approachable. With these recipes, he made a conscious choice.

He said, “I wanted to keep things simple. There is not one recipe that is more than four ingredients. I wanted to make the holidays a little bit easier, and the canned vegetables even makes things cheaper.”

As seen in the recipes, the idea is to just boost those vegetables with a bold flavor. From the truffle oil with the corn or the bacon with the green beans, the core vegetable is not necessarily overshadowed, but it has a robust companion to make the dish feel elevated.”

Freddie Prinze Jr for Libby's Vegetables
Freddie Prinze Jr for Libby’s Vegetables, photo provided by Libby’s Vegetables /

Sometimes the side dishes might be the supporting cast, but everyone is grateful for their presence on the table. Time and again, people fill prime plate space with everything but the main protein.

Even though it might be cheesy, the reality is that the holiday table is often the time when people make a conscious effort to share those gratitude moments. From notes on the table to words of affirmation during the meal, the moments are important.

Prinze believes that sentiments are more than just a holiday expression. He said, “it is important that gratitude is heard and expressed year round. I think that it is key to a healthy family. I’ve told my daughter to her face as soon as he has woken up that it is a privilege to be your father. I still tell my kids because it is necessary. I am grateful that my mom was tough on me and was a strict parent. She helped make me into the man that I am today, and I try to pass that over to my kids.”

The bountiful holiday table is more than just the feast. It is the emotions, words, and togetherness which makes the whole event even more flavorful. Whether it is a table set for two or twenty, those conversations around the entire day become cherished memories. Someone might not remember the year or the day, but they will recall how they felt and that feeling sustains them.

This holiday season set the table with intention, gratitude, and flavor. Freddie Prinze Jr.’s recipes with Libby’s Vegetables are easy to make and will get cheers all around. More importantly, that dish might serve as a reminder to give back during the holidays and beyond. Libby’s is giving thanks by supporting Meals on Wheels. If everyone pays it forward, the season may be a little more cheerful.

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